Is it weird or creepy for a 24 year old to date/befriend college sophomores 20+

At this age range, would it be bad or are life stages compatible?

I would suggest you re-read the responses from your 2020 thread asking the same question…


You asked a similar question a year ago. I think it’s one thing for such a relationship to develop organically, but actively searching out college sophomores to date is different. College sophomores are 18/19, not 20+. Why are you so interested in befriending 19-year-olds?

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Do you have something against dating other grad students?

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I’m confused as to why you are continuing to ask this question.

Your question was answered in your previous post in 2020, with examples given.
No one will look “down” on you; people in college tend to be mature and go about their own business. You do you.

Searching for a specific age, constantly does make it weird and sound creepy.

Where it gets creepy is if you are specifically targeting younger women’s groups and activities. Women in college get security training skills and sexual harassment training and really don’t like being stalked and will report you.