Is it weird to bring my parents to my freshman orientation?

So I’m going to be attending SJSU this fall and my orientation date is this August 3rd. Im going to be registering for classes but I decided I’m gonna bring my mom with me but i feel like no-one will go with their parents. Is it weird to bring my parents to my orientation?

Many people - most I know -attend orientation with their parents although I don’t know what’s normal at your school. Check to see if there is specific programming for parents if you’re concerned. (Or at the very least, programming that isn’t designedsolely for students. )

It may be more helpful to your parent in making the transition than it will be to you!

There is nothing wrong with having your parents at orientation. Usually the schedule for the parents is different from the students.

Is there a parent program that runs parallel to your orientation? That was what I remember my orientation to be like, I was with my parents for part of the time, and the rest of the time the parents and students split up.

My husband and I attended both son’s Freshman orientations: UC Davis and San Diego State. Plenty of parents will be there with their students.

I went to both for my kids. Just checked the SJSU website, and it says family members are welcome. There will be plenty of other students with their parents.

I was at my son’s. They ran a special orientation program for the parents the first day, and invited us to stay in a dorm if we wanted. (I opted for a nice, air conditioned motel nearby where I could have a glass of wine with dinner.)

The next day, I slept in, then hung out with some of the parents I had met the day before until orientation was over and we could do the 3 hour ride home.

Yes, I enjoyed going to my older son’s orientation at UT-Austin. The parents were taken on a campus tour - I enjoyed that, since I went to UT in the dark ages. Wow, things have changed! A lot of parking lots are now buildings!

Our daughter’s is coming up in two weeks - there’s a program for students, a program for parents, and a few sessions that we attend together. If it wasn’t specifically stated that parents are invited, I wouldn’t go.


Oh hey my brother is going into SJSU as a Materials Engineering major. My parents and I will be joining him for his move in/orientation I think. There’s nothing weird about it.