Is it wise to send your past SAT Scores?

I was just wondering if it was a good idea to send both my SAT scores :
My First SAT

500 CR 720 M 600 W

My Second SAT
650 CR 770 M 750 W

All of the sections from the newly taken SAT all have improvements. Yet given this, is it a good idea to send my first SAT to show colleges improvement, or will it be judged negatively in any way?

With some colleges, you are required to send all SAT scores and thus check a college’s rules before deciding not to send one of the tests. As to other colleges, sending or withholding the first test likely won’t make a difference. Colleges fall into two camps in use of SATs in determining admission when you send multiple SAT tests: those that superscore the tests, meaning use the highest section scores from the combined tests, and those that use that test with the highest composite. Under both rules, lower scores are not held against and improvement from one test to another is not a considered factor.