Is it worth going to SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering?

Hey guys, I got a full ride to SUNY CNSE via presidential scholarship. I was wondering if this will be worth considering since many people tell me that SUNY Poly in Utica doesn’t have a good reputation and low retention, but I applied as a nanoscale engineering major. I actually want to do AI research in the future but I guess a degree in nanoengineering will be helpful in many fields as it is multidisciplinary, and I can concentrate on computer technology. This is a relatively new school so I am still unsure if I should choose it over a CUNY. Anyone know about graduates in Nanoengineering in general and how they’re doing in their careers? Co-ops/internships that may be on this particular campus?

I’m a rising senior from there, but I can tell you that a fair amount of us go either to grad school or work for some of the regional semiconductor companies.

The college has an official research internship for undergraduates from SUNY Poly only. There is only one on-site company here that offers internships that I know of, but we do get people that go to the regional semiconductor companies for internships, or some REU somewhere. But if you are creative, you might find something else on the campus that I didn’t list.