Is it worth it not to go to a college because a group of people from your school are going there.

So basically I am considering going to Ohio University because I really liked the programs, locations, campus and whatnot. However, it seems that a group of people I really don’t like (they’re mean and snotty) are going there. Is it worth not to go to a school for this reason or will I probably never even see them? Also I’ve seen a lot of hate toward other colleges there as well. I don’t really like that attitude very much so Im wondering whether or not that is a big issue. Well anyway thanks for the help!

There are 24,000 undergrads (6,000 freshmen) there. I’m going to guess that you’re not going to see them very much if at all. Don’t lose a chance to go somewhere you like because you don’t like a few students out of your 6,000 student class. Anywhere you go, you’ll probably find mean and snotty people, so I wouldn’t use that as a reason to not go.

30,000 students? You’ll likely never see them unless they get assigned to the same dorm.

The other time you’ll probably see them is right in the middle of your first and only giant beer goggle. Or, they’ll turn out to be your new best friend’s roommate. Other than that, probably not.

trust me everything will change when you start college. that change must start with you. dude don’t mind the past, it will just bother you, instead focus on studying and extra curricular activities, and like the other posters said, there’s a little chance of you guys meeting each other again. and don’t let that small thing prevent your goal in life.

I think if you want to go to that you university it is best not to mind these group of people you don’t like. They’ll probably just distract you from your goals if you keep your attention to them.