Is it worth it putting Extra curricular I only did for 1 year?

<p>For my EC I only have 4 boxes filled out - and 2 of them are the main ones. I ran Cross Country in 10th grade and can provide proof link to my stats page (it's slightly below average). Would it hurt me by putting it? Or would it be frowned upon for putting it for sake for putting it, I spent a considerable amount of time on it though 2-3 months (15-18 hrs / wk). However I only did it for 1 year - but don't people put 1 year volunteering experience all the time? Considering how all my other EC's are academic would is it worth adding in X country and providing website as proof?</p>

<p>I would put it down. I think that ECs that show you have had interest in a few different areas even if you don't do them for long. You explored track even if you didn't continue. What you indicate is that you put in some hours but moved on to other things. </p>

<p>I think the same goes for playing an instrument even if you don't perform or belong to a club. If you regularly play, then include it.</p>