Is it worth it to retake GE classes you got a B in Freshmen year?

I got 3 B’s in relatively easy GE classes during my freshmen year. Are they worth it to retake? Yes, my school allows you to retake classes you got a B in and they will replace it on your GPA. I mean I’m paying the same amount of money whether I take 15 or 18 credits so why not?
My major is Health Science so these classes won’t affect my major GPA. I probably will have to go onto to grad school so will they count my retake? I know MD schools don’t but I don’t plan on being a MD anyways.
I do want to be some kind of other doctor though like a vet, dentist, or optometrist so will these schools count my retake? I also kind of of want to become a geneticist or nutritionist so will grad schools count my retake too then?

No, just no.

taking GE classes again would be an utter waste of time.
doing so will look desperate, and that is NOT how you want to “appear” come your Sr year.
so, no no no

Okay I won’t retake them. I also got a B- in Calc 1 which will affect my major GPA. Is that still worth it to retake or should I just move on to Calc 2?

No, just move on.


Also, your grad admission isn’t going to depend on one grade.

Only retake courses you got D or F. Grades from C to A don’t retake.

Sometimes C- can be considered failing, if then retake because some courses require C

Not the GEs. If you’re not an official admit to a competitve major such as nursing you can consider retaking it if it’s a prerequisite class.
If you want to be picky, it’s all very possible to graduate less than 0.01 GPA points from the highest honor level over 1-2 Algebra mistakes on quizzes on a borderline A/A- class. And if you had taken just one 2 unit filler class in a light final semester you would’ve graduated Summa Cum Laude… It happened :stuck_out_tongue: Edit: I did get one A- in a GE my freshman year – should’ve read the boring textbook, or not taken it at all because they changed the GE requirements and it turns out I didn’t nsed to take it a year later…

Do your best and keep moving forward.