Is it worth it to send official AP score reports?

- [in my case] I have an imperfect GPA but (in contrast) a great collection of AP scores, and an official report may validate whatever self-reporting may cause to appear as inaccurate/lying (For example, I got a B- on AP Calc AB and a 5 on the AP exam; I'm afraid colleges won't believe me if I self-report, since there's no way they can tell other than my GPA)
- [in my case] I'm sure of which schools I'll send them to (2, to be exact, not including the one I sent my free report to)
- It can't hurt and might even help </p>

- Costs $15 per school
- Does it make a difference, since AP scores aren't weighed that heavily in first place?</p>

<p>Unless a school specifically asks for them, you shouldn't. They're mostly only used for giving you credit once you are accepted, so they let you get away with self-reporting your scores.</p>

<p>Schools will assume self-reported scores are accurate. If you want just make a copy of score reports and send them to the admissions office and ask they be included in your file.</p>