Is it worth paying $400 for a test prep?

I took the SAT for the first time and scored 1200. I’m not happy with my score and wanna reach around the 1500 range. I’ve been self studying with khan academy and college board and to be honest, the help is very mimimal. Especially on Khan Academy- all that ends up happening is I dont know how to solve a problem, so I have to click to reveal the worked out problem and it really does no help to me. If thats what the $400 prepscholar program is gonna do I DONT want it. I need a comprehensive program that will give me practice problems and if I cant solve it, it will give me the content/conceps I need to learn to solve it.

Anyone have any tips? Thanks!!!

Only you can tell whether it is really worth it…but I thought they have a trial period… have you tried?

@eaglesalex Prepscholar is a good program. I purchased the SAT one for D18 last year but he did not use it as much and decided on ACT. I paid half that much. If you add to cart maybe they have a cookie or something cause when I went back it was half off. Or call and negotiate the fee. In the end D18 is using Learning Express which is free from our library.

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Khan Academy. Sal Khan is a brilliant man, but he’s not a high school math teacher. He doesn’t approach problems the way a high school student does, and his explanations tend to be very convoluted.

Would you consider spending that same $400 for a few hours of one on one with an SAT tutor?

Hey man, seriously read the reviews on Prepscholar’s Facebook Page (the lower rated ones specifically). I was in your same position as well which was considering to buy the prep scholar program. After reading the reviews there was no way I was buying it. Most of them say not to buy it because they have terrible customer service and the program is very glitchy.

You should try the ACT because some students simply score better on one test than they do on the other.

Also, try some prep books. We had good results with PWN the SAT for math. When you buy the book, you also get access to a private website with additional resources.

If you need help with ERBW, Erica Meltzer’s books are quite good.

I used Prepscholar, and it definitely helped! It was not glitchy. I managed to comprehend everything in 9th grade.

I echo @DiotimaDM post above and suggest that you purchase some prep books and review them in detail before taking any more exams released by College Board. Erica Metlzer has both a Critical Reading book and Grammar book which my kids indicate were very helpful. They also found Ivy Global helpful, which includes 3 practice tests which they indicate are similar to the CB tests.

I’m using prep scholar currently and I think it’s a great program however it does glitch sometimes and you can’t reach the support team over phone so you normally have to wait at least 24 hours for them to respond to you which can be very annoying.