Is it worth taking a risk of attending SAT subject test in August?

I was just wondering, if it is worth taking a risk by attending SAT subject test in August amidst this pandemic. My D registered earlier thinking that COVID situation will improve.
We’re not confortable her attending though as there is significant amount of health risk involved. What is your advise/suggestion on this?

While no one can make that decision for you, I personally would make that decision based on:
What’s the infection rate by you
The test center
Her comfort level

I am a school counselor so I am pretty familiar with the testing environment here in my county. The last testing round, ACT, i proctored. Every kid wore a mask and we sat kids back to front, dismissed front to back. I cut the break to 5 min and kept hand sanitizer where everyone could reach/use. We had ask kids Covid health status questions and we only had 15 kids in a room set up for 25. I personally feel that we made it as safe as we could. Is it risk free? Absolutely not. And that’s the percentage of doubt you need to contend with.

Thanks for your input. Infection rate in our county is not all that encouraging. She is comfortable taking the test online though.

I am so glad my kids are through with high school and not facing this decision. We are older parents with additional risk factors and would have probably asked our sons not to take the test in person. I would have her take the test online.

Are you overseas? College board won’t be offering online testing stateside.

I am not overseas. But only wishing for a test to be happen online.

What do you want to achieve even with high SAT subject scores? Most colleges are not requiring this coming year. Check the school you are applying. Read how the website posts about SAT subject test and relevancy. They may not consider your high score in the process. My guest is it won’t impact your application.