Is it worth taking SAT2 Bio on November

Hi I’m a senior and I already have scores for Math2c and Chem. Would taking the SAT2 Bio substantially boost my application? (Btw I’m a public health major) I want to know if taking the SAT2 Bio will hugely affect my application.

Btw I’m applying to Upenn for E.A

Penn has ED and RD, no EA, and Penn like many others does not require subject tests or any tests this year. I suppose you can take it if you want? What are your other scores?

I wouldn’t bother. Your scores would come out after the ED deadline, you already have two scores (presumably you are happy with them), and subject tests aren’t likely to tip the needle anyway.

I have 800 for Math2C and 770 for Chem

“Substantially boost”, “hugely affect”? No. Even the two existing scores won’t do that.

I’ve you already registered, prepared, etc., and feel you can score very well, it could marginally help if you score higher than the Chem 79th percentile score. But I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way in preparation/investment at this point.