Is it worth to mention QuestBridge College Match finalist?

<p>My kid was named as a finalist for the 2006 QuestBridge College Match. However, she is unsure about whether she wants to enter the binding program, even though she was accepted. If she chooses not to enter the binding program, is there any meaning/prestige in telling other colleges that she was a finalist? On the other hand, does being named as a finalist not matter if she does not enter the binding program? Is it worth to mention this award to other non binding colleges if she chooses to apply.</p>

<p>This is her wish as she is making up her mind. I have to let her decide as I have to come to realize that she has to make her decision and I have to support it to the best of my ability. Thus I am asking this question. Thanks for your input.</p>

<p>I would. It earmarks her immediately as a high stat, highly qualified, Pell Grant-like candidate, and there are colleges looking for such candidates. (They get very little in the way of kudos - or financial advantage - for accepting lower income ones if they aren't of the Pell Grant variety.) So if she's got it, flaunt it.</p>

<p>Thank you. I would do so.</p>

<p>I second Mini's opinion.</p>