Is it worth to stay another year in CCC to get into your dream college?

<p>I'm just wondering, does anyone here actually stay at CCC for more than three years? I know this is ridiciously insane especially when you're young and need to keep moving on life. I'm thinking of staying at CCC for my fourth year to get another shot of my dream colleges. To me, you live life once, might as well try to make the best out of it. I know some people hate their CCC, but I actually love my CCC and wouldn't mind staying an extra year. The thing is, it'll delay getting my degree an extra year, but at the same time, it'll give me more prep time to focus on my future and hopefully be happy to whatever colleges I go.</p>

<p>if you know you can get in next year and don't mind a cc then go for it!</p>

<p>If it's a maybe then I would consider your options now(the other schools you got into.) If no matter how you look at it, your dream school beats the schools you got into then I'd say stay another year, but only if you have a decent shot!</p>

<p>I'm forced to stay a third year. I just want to get out. Undergrad doesn't even matter that much and you'll be at your transfer institution for 2 years anyways... If my safeties (UCSB,UCSC) are the only colleges that accept me, I'll go unhesitatingly. I want to go to UCD though, maybe UCLA.</p>

<p>Yes it is worth it. I coulda opted for ohio state after year two but i wanted to go to my dream school so bad, i sucked it up and sacrificed one more year. It paid off and i am going to be at ucla in the fall</p>

<p>I was denied from UCLA last year. I stayed at my CCC a third year and got into UCLA this time around =)</p>

<p>Its subjective...In my mind my ultimate goal is grad school, and while im not at my "dream" school, it doesn't REALLY matter where I end up as much as what I do where I go..
I personally did not consider staying at my CC for a second...that's just me though, like I said its totally a personal decision.</p>

<p>I say do it, if you know you'll just be unhappy going to any other school than your dream school (assuming your dream school isn't totally out of reach).</p>

<p>I agree with Cactusbass that it's subjective.</p>

<p>I'm a lil older than most students here and I doubt I'll attend grad school. I have 7 years work experience and I really just want an B.A., I figured it would be worth waiting a year to have the UCLA experience. Bruin for life!!</p>

<p>Im also older, but def. plan on grad school so I needed to get on with things..</p>

<p>the other thing to think about is units/classes. it may hurt you more than help you if your already at 60+ units to take one class for the next 2 semesters...not sure where you are applying but some schools (from what I hear) look at course load.</p>

<p>This is my personal opinion, don't flame me .</p>

<p>No it is not, for one simple reason, you have no guarantee you'll get into to that dream school . This next part depends on your financial situation, but for me I know this is the last semester I'm eligible for financial aid from my community college( who knew me taking extra units while I was in high-school would affect my maximum time frame for financial aid) . If it wasn't for the state budget I would of transfered into my 4 year school this spring . AND last fall my job had me working 72hr's a week , which destroyed my college life( luckily I got W's and no F's ). Economically it would be impossible for me to stay another year and I quit my last job( not the 72 hr a week one, but still a full time job with many B.A.'s working there ) knowing that I had to do well this semester . I have no desire to keep looking for a job and trying to support myself in the California economy for another full year . This all depends on you , say you have an awesome job or live at home and you wouldn't mind spending another year at CC then go for it. But keep in mind with the budget many classes will be cut back , so you might end up not getting the classes you want anyway .</p>

<p>I got rejected from my dream school, but I'm still leaving CCC, after 2 years. I'll be going to UCSC.</p>

<p>The way I see it, another year spent in CCC is another year of salary gone down the road.</p>

<p>Unlike everyone here, my only other option is Cal State Long Beach. It's not like I could go to UCI, UCSB as my backup. I'm waitlist for UCI but rejectged from UCSB. If I got into those schools, I would totally go there. I'm pretty skeptical of heading to Cal State Long Beach because I would be deprieve of a college life I never had and plus I'm not sure would I be able to get any classes there.</p>

<p>You know what man, it sounds like you have already made up your mind...having said that, I am sure you can get a quality education at csulb. Im not sure what "college life" you are looking for, but for the most part all colleges are quite similar. I would suggest if you can, remove all of the prestige ********, and try to evaluate your situation based on a pragmatic perspective. Again just my .02</p>

<p>Students at CCCs that have enough credits to transfer and have been accepted by a four year university should move on. By staying at their CCCs when they do not really have to and have first priority registration times due to their seniority are making it impossible for students graduating from high school this spring to enroll in any courses at all at their local CCC. You have had your chance to get into the best school you could and now it is time to let new students have an opportunity to take some classes. My younger son is graduating from high school next week but received a very late registration date because there are so many students at Cosumnes River College who have been there for years it seems almost certain he will not get into a single class when his registration time comes up.</p>

<p>It depends on where your heart is. My heart was to go to UCLA. I was not thinking about graduate school, just that i had a goal to get to UCLA. If I would not have gotten inI would have stayed at my CCC another year. You live once, if your not in a rush, and if its your dream to make it to the school, then just try another year. Get your GPA, etc. etc.</p>

<p>Are you an engineering major with a 3.2 gpa? I don't think you'll ever be able to get into UCLA or UCB for a bachelors. You could probably try to tag into one of the other UC's if you really feel like you need the UC brand name. Although I noticed you got into Calstate LB and San Jose which are both good schools. It doesn't seem worth it to stay a fourth year when it's still up to chance whether or not you get into a UC. </p>

<p>You could always complete your B.S. at a calstate, work hard and excel and get a high GPA, then get a masters at one of the UC's. A math professor at Santa Monica College named Mazorow went to CSUN for her bachelors in math and then went to Caltech for graduate school. The prestige of your undergraduate school will not affect your future if you work hard and take advantage of every opportunity you can.</p>

<p>^^ This. Everything else is psychological...</p>

<p>I would say absolutely yes, and I'm the extreme of this theory. I wanted to go to UCSD since my sophomore year of HS, but due to some pretty serious family issues I had to stay at CC for quite a while. Was FINALLY set to go last year, but got some atrocious advice from a CC counselor that nullified my TAG, and ended up missing the GPA cutoff for non-TAG by .17. I was accepted to UCI/UCR, went to UCI for one quarter (this was planned) and dropped out, re-enrolled at CC for a semester to take one 1 unit class, and now I'm going to UCSD in a month. And it was 100% worth it to me. I'm sure I would have been happy in life, but I'd be severely ****ed at myself for not doing everything in my power to go to the school I'd always wanted. </p>

<p>I spent 7 years at CC (started in 10th grade.)</p>

<p>College is expensive and only happens once. If you want to stay another year then do it. If you don't care and want to get to work as soon as possible then transfer.</p>