Is it wrong to choose based on distance/environment?

<p>So I'm deciding between two schools. One has a somewhat better undergrad program in what I want to study, but both are of similar caliber. I have taken courses at the slightly better one and really love it academically. However, because I live so close to it, the environment is very similar to what I have grown up with. The other school would offer more of a change in scene, and I might have more fun there. Would I be justified in choosing the school farther away? Assume that the "fit" factor is about the same in both schools.</p>

<p>Only the student can decide WHY they should attend one college or another. The criteria used in this selection could be very different for every student. Many students choose a college because of location, distance from home (both close or far away) or environment.</p>

<p>If the financial burden is not a factor, sometimes a change can be good. Only you can decide that. College can feel exciting and a bit different and encourage us to grow as a person...taking us out of our comfort zone. Often staying in a comfortable, safe place isn't the way to go. However, change for change sake isn't a good thing. If you are comfortable at say UVA, pushing yourself to a campus such as NYU would be counterproductive.
I read someone else make this suggestion and thought it was a good one... flip a coin and see how you feel. Are you relieved that the decision is made, or are you unhappy with the results?</p>