Is it wrong to want professional revenge on another student?

<p>This will be another case discussion. There are 3 security groups on campus. The campus police, private security company, and the student security team. The function of the security team is to escort students around campus at night through the early morning with radios and other assorted functions. </p>

<p>There is a student that has been a licensed security guard for two years, working on special events, transporting property, and being part of a team of guards for a team of private investigators. </p>

<p>The student wishes to stop his present work duties and work on the student security team for a semester to have more time to focus on studies. </p>

<p>The student director of the student security team is afraid that this candidate can do a better job managing the student security team than him so the director tells the candidate he is overqualified and encourages the candidate to find a campus job somewhere else. </p>

<p>Now this is where it gets interesting.</p>

<p>The candidate ends up being infinitely more qualified than not only the director, but the person who got hired instead: </p>

<p>The candidate, disgruntled by being told he is overqualified by the cowardly director, hires an allied private investigator to look into the situation and get background information on the director, the job opening, and the candidate that eventually got hired. </p>

<p>The candidate that got hired was a 110lb freshman girl with no security training or experience whatsoever.</p>

<p>The security candidate is now burning mad, and he thinks the director is irresponsible and careless for putting the campus in potential danger by hiring the barely qualified candidate as opposed to the well-qualified candidate for the director's personal gain. </p>

<p>The security candidate wants to do professional damage so that no serious firm would ever hire the director again. Not physical harm, but professional harm so that the director's career aspirations go unfulfilled. </p>

<p>**1. Are the feelings of the qualified security candidate wrong in this situation? </p>

<li>Would you rather have complex surgery done on you by an "overqualified" surgeon or a barely competent one? Would you rather have an overqualified lawyer defending you or a barely competent one?**</li>

<p>^ +1</p>

<p>You do realize that the student security thing is pretty much tantamount to a mall cop? No disrespect meant as I know a couple of people in our campus PD's student auxiliary, but they don't carry guns or tasers or handcuffs and have no arrest powers. They mostly do security at the campus bookstore, events, and help close up buildings. Any "serious" stuff where there's major danger involved is handled by the guys with guns.</p>

<p>In other words, I'd focus on calling the whaambulance and request transportation to Get Over It Medical Center. For all you know the girl is a crack martial artist lol. And it sounds to me like you're interested in law enforcement... you don't wanna be known as the guy who screws people over in that sort of field.</p>

<p>Security people have to deal with all types of crisis and people in distress.
Perhaps the department needed a person that could diffuse situations by methods other than brute force.
The passed over security candidate has anger issues that need to be resolved and all talk of revenge is nonproductive and destructive.</p>

<p>I personally believe that would be wrong since I make it a personal goal not to harm anyone else if I can help it. Making it so someone can never get a job at a serious firm seems like a serious overreaction to me, and it seems like a pretty terrible thing to do.</p>

<p>But that's based on my own personal morals. Do what you want.</p>

<p>Seems too vindictive over a relatively small position. I also think that this 'case' is rather biased.</p>



<p>Every</a> citizen has arrest powers, except in North Carolina :D.</p>

<p>ok well good luck arresting someone next time you see a crime in progress</p>

<p>I agree that the passed over candidate appears to have some serious anger issues.</p>

<p>OTOH, there may be something worth looking into here - in the open, without plotting revenge. The 110 lb girl might be a martial artist or she might have been chosen for her people skills (my same sized D is a well regarded RA who is often called to help in situations that require people skills; however, she is always backed up by large security guards). However, on the chance that the young lady was chosen because she is sleeping with the director or some other inappropriate reason, I would investigate the process for challenging such an appointment and find out what needs to be done.</p>

<p>As a last resort, I would just drop it - is all this agita really worth an $8/hr job? If your friend plans to go into law enforcement, sabotaging someone else is a great way to jumpstart his own career - NOT!</p>

<p>yeah, his "friend" would find it prudent to follow your advice Joan</p>