Is Julie Kim Consulting legit?

I’m thinking of paying for Julie Kim’s Passion Project Bootcamp. It costs a lot, but it seems to come with a myriad of benefits. The resources would also be available for my little brother once he starts needing them. What are your experiences with Julie Kim Consulting-- is it legit? Is it worth the money?

Aren’t you 14? Who would be paying for this? You have succeeded in putting this consultant’s name out there but not sure you will get much feedback on this business.

I would also like to know if anyone has tried this “Julie Kims Passion bootcamp” ? Would appreciate the help.

Submit your Ivy-League application confidently knowing that your academic record, extracurriculars and essay all paint you in the best possible light and make you a shoe-in for admissions.

Nobody can make a student a shoo in for the Ivies. I’d steer clear of anyone who claims that they can.

Where does she state that? Also, have you read the disclaimer message on her website? She explains that she cannot guarantee or predict any results, and it is up to the student to put forth time and commitment to really get results.