Is just studying the Barron's verbal SAT book with the 800 word list enough to ace se

<p>I had read many SAT posts on cc. I learned that studying the CB book sentence completions is good for building vocabulary. I also read the Barrons SAT verbal book is even better. I have the 2001 barrons SAT verbal book. I think it has the same 800 word word list as the latest Barron SAT verbal book. Is just studying the 800 words from the Baroons SAT verbal book good book to ace the SAT sentence completions and critical reading questions related to vocabulary. If not any suggestions for books that could help a student master enough vocabulary just to ace the SAT critical reading section, since I know the SAT does not test how much vocabulary you know.</p>

<p>My personal opinion is that one should memorize around 3000-4000 to be comfortable taking the verbal.</p>