Is Kaplan or SParknotes SAT test prep books accurate?

<p>I have the Kaplan and the Sparknotes book.... i got appx 720+ on them before the SATI on verbal and i took the real one oct 9 and got 620 are they accurate at ALL???? or did i just bomb it or get distracted and what not on the real SAT?</p>

<p>I hate them both. Only books that are good for practicing:</p>

<p>10 real sats
any collegeboard issued book (you can use New SAT workbooks for old sats)
princeton review series

<p>if those dont provide enough practice, you should go more slowly and take time to evaluate your mistakes.</p>

<p>I found Sparknotes to be very accurate.</p>

<p>I disagree with vitamin1. To say those books are the "only books that are good for practicing" neglects certain books like Kaplan or an occasional random company (RocketReview, written by the creator of PR?!) which are also good.</p>