Is Kinesiology the easiest to get into?

I have a friend who is applying to the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. She has heard that it is the easiest to get into the Kinesiology school. Is that true? Is LSA the hardest?</p>

<p>the hardest is engineering</p>

<p>The hardest is Ross (or I guess you could say Art if you've never done art before)</p>

<p>I believe Kinesiology is the easiest, and LSA is the easiest of the major schools.</p>

<p>There is no easiest. A 4.0 student with a 2200 on the SAT that has shown less than perfect commitment to athletics has virtually no chance of getting into Kines. Kines expects their applicants to have shown clear commitment to and ability in athletics.</p>

<p>Engineering and LSA require the best academic credentials, with Engineering expecting slightly higher credentials but also accepting a slightly higher percentage of applicants.</p>

<p>Like I said,there is no easiest or hardest.</p>

<p>I think I have a great statistical analogy to the engineering vs lsa admission thing.</p>

<p>Engineering admits/applicant is a skewed curve with tail on the left
It has a higher average and smaller variance.
This means it admits a lot of applicants around it's average. But once you leave the general vicinity of the average (to the left), you chance of admissions decrease rapidly.</p>

<p>LSA admits is also a skewed curve with a tail on the left
It has a lower average and a larger variance.
That means it admits slightly less applicants around it's average and more applicants to the left of its average compared to the engineering counter part.</p>

<p>This implies the following</p>

<p>If you have a high gpa/SAT, apply to engineering would help because there is less parity in engineering admissions.</p>

<p>If you have a low gpa/SAT, apply to LSA would help because the parity would help you (you will end up being one of those on the left side of the fatter curve)</p>

<p>In terms of a student's academic achievements, I think the school of music, is the easiest. I've heard of people with 1600/2400 on the sat and 2.0 gpas getting into the music school because they are music prodigies... but thats the catch, you need to be very good at music and do well in auditions. Same goes for art.</p>

<p>The school of kines is probably the easiest academically to get into of Engineering, LSA, and Kines. Mostly anyone can get in if they show an interest in athletics (those interested in biology, physics and not just athletes looking for something to improve their own skills). However, there were some years when the school of Kines got filled with students before the application due date and qualified students were rejected. </p>

<p>The College of Engineering is probably the most difficult of the three (LSA, COE, KINES) to get into. I think bearcats pretty much nailed the fact as to why. ^</p>

<p>the dumbest person i've ever met at michigan was a kinesiology major, he was so out of it, all the time. I'm pretty sure it's the easiest school to get into, but i would think you need some jock connection/background to get in.</p>

<p>Well if you look at stats, your all wrong as far as i can see...
U of M's Kinesiology is the SECOND most selective school to get into, I myself agreed with all of your comments.I thought it was the easiest school, until i looked it up. </p>

<p>... "In December 2008 it officially became a school, previously being a division since its creation in 1984. Kines has the fourth largest undergraduate enrollment at Michigan with a selectivity rate of 44%, making it the second most selective school on campus.[1] The graduate program has experienced rapid growth in the past ten years. The Masters and PhD programs have become highly selective, with 41.4% and 27.8% selectivity rates respectively and is ranked as 5th in the nation with University of Southern California being first."</p>

<p>Like i said i also thought exactly what you guys were saying... that it was one of the easiest schools to get into ... but it isn't, by far.</p>

<p>yeah but what type of students are applying to the Kines school?</p>

<p>Kinesiology had a bad rep in the 90's and early 2000's because it was THE portal for channeling athletes with "non-UM like" GPA's into the university. That changed about 2002-03, when several of the Kinesiology programs were restructured. Believe it or not, LSA has become the preferred place for athletes with "non-UM like" GPA's, with the BGS the degree of choice. There are many LSA students would would not fare well with some of the cirriculum offered in Kinesiology. The admittance procedure for Kinesiology is the same as LSA, and the students have similar credentials. The athletes admitted from the major sports (football, basketball) will typically have lower GPA/ACT's, but these numbers are more easiler averaged into a larger school like LSA with causing a statistically "red alert".</p>

<p>FWIW, the only dumb people I meet at Michigan are kinesiology students.</p>


<p>point taken FWIW.</p>

<p>That's not to say all kinesiology students are dumb, just that there are dumb people that get in. There are gonna be really smart people in every part of Michigan.</p>

<p>Talk to some of the athletes who are working on their BGS in will swear you are in East Lansing.</p>

<p>Well I'm not including the people who got in because of athletics. I'm talking about the normal students who are only going here for school.</p>

<p>Like I said, it's about who's applying.</p>

<p>I don't see many 34 ACT 3.8 GPA kids coming out of high school trying to get into the atheltic training program...</p>

<p>what kind of students are applying there ...
Well of course the football players, and most athletic players etc, but none the less it is the second most selective school to get into ... so i guess it doesn't matter what kind of kids are applying because thats just the way it is.</p>

<p>Well, ok, by acceptance rate yeah.</p>

<p>But if we just want to go by how HARD it is to get into Kinesiology, it is not the second hardest. I'm sure the vast majority of engineering students wouldn't have any problem getting into the school.</p>

<p>Ya i agree, im just giving the kid what he wanted. Just figured i would give it to him straight... its the seconded highest acceptance rate, so ya not that easy, but compared to the others say in engineering etc, they would get in pretty easy, just look at it that way. give or take kinesiology still is a good major to get into, especially how everything shifting toward physical health in the near future ... like now</p>

<p>kines is easy if you have shown interest in high school. for example: i took a med class in high school, did job shadowing, competed in Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) and placed at states and nationals. if you have taken classes in hs that reflect your desire to attend the school (biology, anatomy and physiology, etc) it is not hard to get in. there average ACT is a 27 which is much lower than the rest of the school. There average gpa is a 3.7 which is a little lower than the rest of the school as well. they do reject about 50% of applicants (which is only about 250 kids) but they like the ones who have shown interest early on. hope this helps</p>