Is Lax Big at Cornell???

<p>I'm a big lacrosse fan and I love Cornell lacrosse. Cornell's got a great mens lax team and I was wondering if that got any attention around campus, or does hockey get all of the press. I just was curious how big lacrosse was at Cornell, or does no one at Cornell know what the sport is. Such a shame that such a good team might not get recognized.</p>

<p>they get recognized for sure, but you wont see the big school turnout like you'd see at a hockey game. its a damn shame too, those lax player have a mountain of talent.</p>

<p>Ya it gets recognized. If my memory is right the game against Princeton last year had many thousands of people. It's DEFINITELY in the top 3 w/ hockey and [now] basketball.</p>

<p>sweet...cornell looks like its getting bigger in sports every year</p>

<p>lax simply isn't a mainstream sport in the u.s. and any of the u.s. colleges.</p>

<p>Hockey, basketball, wrestling, and lacrosse all have pretty good followings on campus and off. Alumni follow Big Red athletics pretty religiously, and there is a great discussion forum for all Big Red sports over at [url=<a href=""&gt;][/url&lt;/a&gt;].&lt;/p>

<p>For lacrosse, the game versus Princeton last year drew a crowd of over 10,000 fans, and there was a lot of tailgating, pre-game partying, etc.</p>

<p>It made the football team pretty jealous.</p>

<p>And then there was the trip to the final four in Baltimore last year which probably drew upwards of 7500 Big Red lacrosse supporters. The three other teams at M&T Bank Stadium were all wearing blue (Blue Devils, Blue Jays, Blue Hens), so it was pretty evident who was supporting the team in carnelian and white. And we may have been the second loudest fan base there, second only to the hometown Blue Jays. I also attended the Brown v. Cornell lax game in Providence last year, and of 3000 fans, I would roughly say half were rooting for Ezra's University.</p>

<p>Tonight is the ECAC semi-final match-up against Harvard in Albany. Expect the maybe 5,000 Cornell fans to drown out everybody else at the rink. For comparison, 300-500 fans would be a good turnout for Harvard in Albany.</p>

<p>that sucks. i know hopkins has alot of pride in its lax team (NCAA national champs)</p>

<p>What sucks about it? Cornell is definitely in one of the top five programs in the country in terms of a following. Hopkins, Syracuse, Duke, and Navy probably round out the group.</p>

<p>It's unfair to compare sports programs that are located in very different parts of the country. I'm sure Hopkins doesn't play their first half of their schedule in freezing temp and snow, which explains why there aren't that many fans during first half of the season in Ithaca. If you look at hockey, all Hopkins has is a club team.</p>

<p>C'mon out tomorrow and cheer the Big Red on in the Ivy opener against Yale. It's supposed to be about 34 and sunny at game time -- maybe they will even open the Crescent side stands! We have a pretty good group of die-hard fans -- parents, alumni, and students.</p>

<p>The crowds are certainly bigger when the weather is warmer -- but there's nothing like lacrosse in the spring. And spring is officially here on two counts -- the vernal equinox and the lacrosse season!</p>

<p>Cornell has a serious lacrosse tradition -- the arguably best lax player ever in the history of collegiate lacrosse was part of Cornell's national championship winning team in the mid-70s. The Cornell '76 and '77 teams have been touted as the best lacrosse teams ever in a recent thread on laxpower.</p>