Is Libra air conditioned?

<p>I recently heard that Libra wasn't air conditioned. As a lifelong florida resident, I know how hot it can get here and I was wondering if that was true? </p>


<p>LOL, there are no residential buildings (outside of $10,000 shacks in the ghetto built in the 1920's) that do not have air conditioning in the Central Florida area.</p>

<p>Somebody must be messing around with you. Must be some pre-frosh hazing going on ;-)</p>

<p>I've been on two housing tours at ucf. On the first tour, we were informed that libra is NOT air conditioned. On the second tour, I was told it is most definitely air conditioned. So I have no idea either.</p>

<p>We just did the tour. Libra is most definitely air conditioned!! :)</p>

<p>Thanks. I heard the rumor and then went to the UCF housing website. All of the housing choices have air conditioning listed under utilities but Libra doesn't. It made me think that it was true.</p>

<p>@theTARDIS I see I'm not the only one who was told that.</p>

<p>I lived there freshman year and it IS air conditioned. ALL of the dorms/buildings have a/c</p>