Is lucid dreaming a good topic?

I’m writing the UC essays, and I currently have 5 drafts (each for a different topic). However, 2 of them are both about piano, albeit different aspects (1 is for prompt 2, the other for prompt 3). I’ve been told that I should avoid talking about the same topic in 2 different essays, but this would force me to talk about lucid dreaming (prompt 8). It seems like a risky topic, and I think my grades and test scores are good enough that the risk seems unnecessary.

So basically my question is: would it be riskier to write about piano in 2 of the 4 prompts, or write about lucid dreaming and make each essay about a different topic?

Note: My other essays are for prompts 4 (internship) and 5 (OCD and social issues).

I’m totally confused, but you asked about writing about lucid dreams. Sure, why not? Make sure you are telling AO’s something about yourself snd not just about the dream.

And personally, I would avoid talking about OCD. Mental health topics in general are best avoided.

two piano topics would make them both seem a bit boring. Write about lucid dreams !

@Lindagaf sorry I should’ve used the full name, by OCD I meant osteochondritis dissecans, not obsessive compulsive disorder.

Ah, got it. I wouldn’t talk about a medical condition anyway, if possible. Are you more than your condition? No idea what the prompt is though.

Be careful you aren’t informing them of something they don’t need to know. Or don’t want to. This isnt a hs writing assignment

I’m not sure how well a college applicant can show lucid dreaming as an asset to the college community. Be very aware of what assets, strengths, experiences and interests they do want to see in you.

Generally, that’s how you interact, take on challenges, support others. Positives.

One of my girls could lucid dream, as a child. Interesting.