Is Marist Boring?

I’ve been looking a lot at Marist and i’m very interested but its located in Poughkeepsie which I heard isn’t one of the best college towns. So is life on campus boring? and what is some stuff to do at Marist?

Hello! I am a current sophomore here at Marist! As this is my second year on campus I can say that there is always stuff to do and campus life is not boring. As for on campus, there are many activities and events which occur such as coffee houses, comedians, movies, and philanthropy events such as The Color Run, Relay for Life, and Up Till Dawn. Besides these events, there are also events that specific clubs have. Depending on the clubs you’re involved in on campus there will different events, including social and community service opportunities. Marist Student Activities also hosts trips to see Broadway Shows, Ski Trips to Hunter Mountain, a Rockettes Trip, and a Yankees Game trip in the fall. This past weekend there was also a trip to the Vanderbilt Mansion and is also a trip this weekend to the Bronx Zoo. There are so many things to do on campus and off campus. Depending on your schedule and how involved you are there is something for everyone. Beside the immediate Poughkeepsie area there is also Rhine beck and New Paltz which are really nice towns with lots to do. As well there is alway access to New York City. As for me I spend almost every waking minute on the Marist Campus. I have several on campus jobs as well as involved in many clubs and organizations. I think that whatever you put into Marist is what you get out of it! So really take advantage of all the opportunities that Marist offers. Hope this helps!

Hi Jobrien718, I saw this question and felt that I should answer it since I feel quite the opposite! Marist is not boring in the slightest. There are so many things to do on and off campus. On campus they sell, trips to NYC for shopping or Broadway plays, $5 trips to midnight movie premieres in Poughkeepsie, trips to snow tubing, and much more! On campus, there are always events going on, such as Marist sports games located on the football field in nice weather or McCann Recreation Center for basketball games. The football games always feature free food and games outside! There are a lot of theatre shows to see on campus. Also, the campus is located on Route 9 which features restaurants and activities of all kinds. There is also a giant mall located 10 mins from campus, which has tons of shops, a food court, a race track, and even a puppy center! On campus, it is always lively. One time last year in early March, it was 80 degrees. Every student was outside, playing music, playing sports, and eating food. It was like an outside concert. Whatever you’re interested in, Marist has it!