Is marketing a good major?

After doing all this research I think I want to double major in marketing and some form of communication/PR/journalism. Is this a good idea? What if I just majored in marketing? Is marketing a good major for job prospects? Can I get a six figure salary with this major? In very personable persuasive great at public speaking and good at talking to people. So is marketing a good major?

Marketing is a good major if you want to go into marketing. You seem pretty undecided, so you should probably start with a communication major and then switch into a more specific discipline (marketing, journalism, PR, etc.).
Don’t choose your major based on job prospects and potential salaries. Choose a major you’ll enjoy taking classes in and will lead you to a career you’ll be happy in.

Marketing has become very analytically driven – many people combine marketing with something like statistics in today’s world. You are unlikely to earn a six figure income right out of college with any major.

At some colleges it can be difficult to double major with one discipline in the b-school and one in the liberal arts school – that will depend on course requirements at the college you attend.

I see you are a junior in HS. There is absolutely no reason to decide on a major now. If you want business you can apply to undergrad b-schools. You will then take a business core with includes introductory classes in areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, IT etc. You will have the opportunity to see where your interests and aptitudes lie, you can talk to professors, you can meet with career placement etc. before choosing a major.

Agree with @happy1. Marketing is getting to be very data driven with the prevalence and low cost of obtaining data. Entry level salaries for marketing positions are not at the high end of the spectrum. Entry level marketing positions can be filled by anyone with strong writing/communication, creative and/or analytical skills, depending on the needs/job description being filled.

I really like to talk to people and to seek stuff. I take a dual enrollment communication class at my high school it’s a lot of fun. Every semester I’m the highest in the class gpa wise. The teacher told me I should look into marketing/pr/comm. she said I had a real gift for it she teaches at my local college as a adjunct, she said the comm/marketing department needed students like me.

Im probably going to cc first. Taking business intros and Suny gen ed req. I want to transfer to UB Albany or Binghamton or geneseo. The issue is can I double major after I transfer?

Nobody can answer that question now. It will come down to the requirements of the school you transfer into, how many (and what) credits you have already earned etc. This is something you should look at with your transfer advisor when you are ready to move on from CC.

Take one step at a time. By the time you are done with CC you may be more committed to a particular major and may not want to double major.

I would say choosing a major only depends on what do you like to do in the future because you might end up doing it for the rest of your life until you retire. One of my professors advised me to try to do summer internships or find at least part-time jobs in the field you would like to study and see how it will go for you. I personally like marketing, but also consider other options, just in case, such as accounting, since I’m noticed I’m good with numbers and math. But marketing is something I like to study as well, especially I’m fascinated with simple marketing methods, which result in great success. [Recently, I’ve read about GrooveFunnels and other software for websites and their marketing approach]( I like the way they did it as simple as possible, so anyone can use it, not necessarily people with an IT degree.