Is Marshall Really that Great?

<p>I've been thinking about transfering to USC Marshall, but based on <a href=""&gt;;/a>, there seems to be a lot of negative feedback about the business program and the school in general, especially regarding the curving and grade deflation, campus life, and attitudes of people. Can someone please support or discount these claims? Is USC really worth my while to gain a business degree?</p>

<p>Dont listen to - it is a waste of your time. The people that put feedback on that site are the radical minority from a school...the ones that for one reason or another have something against the school and try to ruin its reputation. A VERY VERY small minority of students actually write on that site.</p>

<p>That being said, I have a friend in Marshall (Im in Viterbi) and he loves it. Im sure there are others on this site in Marshall, so they can help a little more than I can.</p>

<p>This applies to ALL SCHOOLS.... Dont get your opinion of a school based on what 300 internet lurkers decided to tell you...</p>

<p>is marshall that great? yes, in fact it is. thats probably the best way i can explain it.</p>

<p>All of those reviews on Marshall are completely biased and were written by students who never studied and were ****ed that they didn't get good grades given that they never tried at all. Marshall is great, USC is awesome, and the marshall business curve is not a big deal at all.</p>

<p>Marshall is ranked 9th in the country, so obtaining a business degree form there will definitely be worth it. The social aspect of USC is so much fun and almost everyone you meet at USC is friendly.</p>

<p>So definitely consider transferring because you won't be disappointed.</p>

<p>Marshall is great, not to mention that you are pretty much guaranteed a job when you leave Marshall. The people that post on those sites are the ones who ****ed up and want to put blame on somebody else. Think about it, if you were happy why would you seek out a site like that? It's only the people who want to complain.</p>

<p>well like jwsteele said if you go to Marshall and graduate, you are guarenteed a job. My dad's friend's son got a job offer almost a week after he graduated</p>