is math 53 next sem right for me?

<p>im considering taking math 53 next semester (possibly considering math major) i've always been pretty good at math. i aced all my math classes in hs; i took bc in junior year and got a 5 and my hs had a honors multivariable calculus class for my senior year. first semester i got a solid A (cuz i still cared about grades), but 2nd semester due to epic senioritis i got a mid C in the class.</p>

<p>however, im sure ive forgotten 70% of my single variable calculus and my multivariable foundation is way to shaky to count. im going to be a sophomore next semester and i didnt take a single math class freshman year, except stats 21 and i got an A.</p>

<p>would i be ok in 53? im still understand the basics of derivatives, integrals and stuff. i will probably take a few weeks this summer to review some calc. and ive heard most 53 stuff is new so u really just need the basics of calc to build on.</p>

<p>thanks cc</p>

<p>Yes, you'll be fine.</p>

<p>bump, can anyone whose taken the class add some insight?</p>

<p>It's only a lower division class. For me, lower division class is when people can skip classes and still get an A just by reading the book or having a good intuition. And since the class has more than 400 people, a couple of algebra mistakes on your tests can lower your grade even if you understand the concepts fully. When I took the course, I thought about half of the problems were plug-and-chug or just simple memorization doesn't really tell you if you are good at math or not. To see if you are really interested in math, Math 110 or 113 should be a much better indicator.
My advise? Don't let your interest for math influenced by however you do in Math 53, or any other lower div math course.</p>

<p>im a little confused, so is it an easy A if you have good math intuition? or do you have to be extra careful in all your work?</p>


<p>I have taken the class. I took it during my first semester, and it was easy. I know a fairly large number of other people who took it at the same time, a few more who took it 2nd semester, and still more who're taking it right now. What more do you want?</p>

<p>The implication of UpMagic's post appears to be both, and my experience was exactly the same. 53's only likely to be hard if you don't work or lack the intuition, but you're going to get shafted on midterms if you don't rigorously check your work.</p>

<p>jon, i didnt mean to imply that you didnt take the class, i was going more for the insight.
i kind of get it now, thx guys</p>

<p>The lower division math classes were harder than their HS equivalents, but if you study every day and do every homework, go to every discussion, and understand every homework and discussion class you should be OK (this is not true for some harder classes). If anything, Math 1B required more work.</p>

<p>can anyone comment on how solid a foundation in single variable calc is needed?
ie its cool that i pretty much forgot all of series?</p>

<p>You don't need to know that much foundations. You won't need any series.
Don't be persuaded under any circumstances to take 1a or 1b.</p>

<p>Everybody forgets all of series. You will never, ever see them again in lower division math.</p>

<p>I only took Calc AB and I did really well in Math 1B and Math 53; you'll be fine if you've seen multivariable calculus before.</p>

<p>ok, im signed up for 53...and also 54. do alot of people take both in the same semester, seeing how the classes have nothing to do with each other? and is it possible under normal cercumstances (and iq) to be successful?</p>

<p>the 54 prof (holtz) got high ratings, but those ratings r mostly for her 55 class that shes taught in the past. shes never taught 54 before, so does that generally mean she might be a little more lenient?</p>

<p>Very few people take both in the same semester.</p>

<p>That said, as long as you're taking a sensible unit load, you SHOULD be ok. I honestly doubt that it's much different from taking any other combination of 2 technical classes.</p>

<p>55 has a lot of aspects in common with 54 (not in terms of material, though), so if she got good ratings there, there's a reasonable chance she'll be good at 54.</p>

<p>About taking 53 and 54 at the same time, it's doable if you can sit still doing lots of problem sets without getting restless or distracted. You'll be getting quite a few sets per week, though.</p>