Is Math IIc REALLY so hard??

<p>The Barrons book i`m studying from has like only 120 pages to learn which seems like nothing compared to the PR which is about twice as big but the Barrons is all formulas and definitions! I think it is absurd that all those stuff can appear on the test. are the questions indeed so hard as the ones on the practice tests in Barrons 2c book????</p>

<p>Barrons is much harder than the actual test. PR is right on the money for level of difficulty. I actually used both of these books to prep for math 2. I first went through PR to refesh myself on the topics then I worked with Barrons for a while to get some hard prep. Both books are about the same length in terms of review setions because PR uses an unnessecary amount of spacing while Barrons has no extra space. Everything is tight and compact.</p>

<p>Thanks for this reply! This is what I<code>m doing at the moment .... just finished the PR book and now I</code>m trying to get through Barrons but I<code>m getting depressed as it gives so much and so hard material... I</code>ll never succeed to complete it by Thursday (it<code>s Tuesday) as I planned. But on the other hand the first time there were questions I didn</code>t know how to answer and I had used only PR book. Maybe Barrons will help some though it really throws me into panic!</p>

<p>skip a day of school.</p>

<p>i`m not in school any more :P <em>taking an year off & studying hebrew+arabic</em></p>