Is McGill (Desautels) still a good undergrad school in 2014?

<p>Hi everyone,</p>

<p>I applied to McGill Desautels and am still waiting for decisions. Doing some research, I noticed McGill has been declining as a world-class institution. Could anyone, maybe McGill students/alumnis or in general someone who has evidence-based answers, give me their opinions?</p>

<p>I wanted to know, is McGill good? In particular, is Desautels a good faculty? I'd like to major in International Management with maybe Econ Honors if possible. After, I wish to do a grad diploma in Berkeley/Stanford or Ivy League, and then an MBA (probably at least one PhD as well). </p>

<p>Is McGill known in the US? What would be my chances of getting in the above schools?</p>

<p>I just want the best possible undergrad diploma. </p>

<p>Thanks for the answers!</p>

<p>I have the same question and would like to know the answers to your questions as well! I’m currently deciding between McGill, University of Toronto, and Western. I go to an American International school and have been told repeatedly that McGill is well-known in the US and is highly regarded. I’ve had the same worries of its slipping rank and have been trying to find out everything possible about it. Interestingly, my plan is very much like yours. I’d like to do undergrad (marketing or management) in Canada and then head on over to the US for an MBA. My main concern for both McGill and UofT would be the fact that I’d have to switch from the faculty of arts to the faculty of business which I’ve been told is rather challenging. I’ve been told that Desautels is not McGill’s strongest faculty, and as we all know, McGill is known for its science and medicine. </p>

<p>Business wise, Queen’s and Ivey would be the strongest undergraduate programs. McGill and UofT would be more outside of Canada though.</p>

<p>McGill slipped from 18th to 21st place in the QS worldwide rankings this year. If you want to call that “declining” then feel free to do so. </p>

<p>McGill is very well known in the US in circles that matter, certainly more so than other Canadian universities. College Confidential is essentially an American website. McGill has 22,500 posts, Toronto has 1400 posts and Western does not even have its own thread. There are nearly 3000 American students at McGill. </p>

<p>You can directly apply to Desautels as a first year student. The only way you would have to transfer in is if you did not have the stats to get admitted as a first year student. </p>

<p>Hi tomofboston,</p>

<p>Yes, the term “declining” was maybe a bit excessive. Let’s say it is slipping in the world rankings.</p>

<p>I know we shouldn’t trust university rankings too much, but McGill is very highly placed in Arts&Humanities (Political Science -24th) but not so much in the Social Sciences & Management. Would you advise me to do a BA instead of a BComm at McGill?</p>

<p>It’s also important to note that rank is a relative number. The drop may not be because of McGill declining but rather because of other universities improving… </p>

<p>Current student at mcgill entering year 3 here.</p>

<p>The business faculty isn’t all that good in my opinion. Very limited help with respect to opportunities outside school. The french required by almost every employer doesn’t help either.</p>

<p>I ended up switching to Science and can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made till date.</p>

<p>@nightlights hey! I have the same plan to do something in Canada first and then pursue top MBA in the States.
UofT Rotman > Western IVEY (with AEO) > McGill.
Reason: comparatively, UT wins cuz of location, networking opportunity, alumni; IVEY’s education quality is very good </p>

<p>btw, IVEY is also quite known in the States… just look at how many IVEY alumni are out there in major American cities on linkedin!</p>

<p>@eddnyc hmm, what if I don’t have AEO? (I missed the deadline) would you still recommend Western? Do you know how hard/easy it would be to transfer from arts & sciences at UofT to Rotman? </p>

<p>@eddnyc – it would seem that for undergraduate ivey>rotman>desautel</p>