Is medicine for me?

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>Well, over the last year I have been giving alot of thought about what careers I should focus on through college. I'm going 2 be a freshman this year (so I know its early to be rly thinking hard about this stuff), but I just keep vacilating between medicine and high finance (banking or consulting) in the healthcare industry. So, if you guys could look at my interests and etc below and giv me a little feedback regarding how well suited I am for medicine, I'd b really grateful!</p>

<p>-I am attending the Penn/Wharton this Sept. I am in the LSM dual degree program where I will receive a degree in biology and in economics. Additionally, this program will set me up with one internship in a lab setting and another in an investment banking house (or any other business setting). </p>

<li><p>I rly would like stability in my future career. I don't wanna have 2 spend nights worrying about getting fired on the spot.</p></li>
<li><p>I want to be well off. I mean I don't need to be pulling in a million dollars a year, but I would like a solid six figure job. </p></li>
<li><p>I am RLY passionate about biology but am more disinterested in chem and physics</p></li>
<li><p>I also am passionate about finance and investing..I rly could do that stuff for a living and be happy</p></li>
<li><p>I am a rly strong visual learner. As in, I can learn and comprehend facts or w/e really easily when I am reading it in a textbook. However, I hav had alot of trouble learning about new things verbally.</p></li>
<li><p>I like living in a suburban setting...I mean I could tolerate living in a place like NYC for a few years..but ultimately I dont wanna spend 10+ years of my life there</p></li>
<li><p>I kinda suck at lab stuff right now. Hopefully that will change in college (when I invest more time preplanning all my labs). However, in HS, while I normally was the top scorer on most tests given in my AP chem class, I believe I was one of the worst in lab. </p></li>
<li><p>I don't mind being stressed at work. However, I don't know if I could tolerate working 100 hrs/week for 2-6 years</p></li>

<p>Haha so thats everything! Thanks in advance for all the help guys!</p>


<p>Have you done any medical volunteering or shadowing? I just don’t really see anything in your comments that makes me feel like medicine is really for you. MD and maybe also a masters in business perhaps if you want to consult…</p>

<p>If you write “rly” instead of “really”, you’ll never make it as a doctor.</p>


<p>This is an online forum where I assume using abreviations is ok. Obviously, in college or in my career, I would not write “rly” in place of “really.”</p>


<p>I dont care if this kid spells “ham” with “fakjsdhf;ewr;oifjaeghfia;wf,” he’s becoming a doctor even if the sky falls down. If he can make it into LSM, he got this life beaten down. 25 kids a year out of many… many… many applicants. </p>

<p>Congratz. You are officially into the upper class.</p>

<p>I’m with mmm…to be a doctor, you have to be passionate about helping people in addition to being passionate about bio. Some other questions to ask yourself, are you good around sick people? How are you in terms of working in a hosp environment, at least part of the time? You need to be able to put in lots of hours. You likely will see your colleagues more than your family. Are you okay with that?</p>

<p>Guys c mon, if this kid can fool the Penn CAS and Wharton Adcoms in his essays to promote socioeconomic conditions and applying life science knowledge for the betterment of man kind, he’s got everything going his way.</p>


It was a joke.
[YouTube</a> - Scrubs - I Can’t Believe Your Head Just Exlpoded](<a href=“]YouTube”></p>

<p>If you don’t watch Scrubs, you’ll never make it as a doctor.</p>


<p>Haha I actually do watch scrubs! I suck at getting jokes =/.</p>


<p>While I appreciate the kind words about my program, it doesn’t mean I’m set for life or anything (all the program does is make it easier for me 2 get a degree in econ and bio). It just means I’m gonna hav a very sucky and busy 4 years of college.</p>

<p>Jason is either being sarcastic or missing the point. Even assuming that Rtgrove’s Wharton status guarantees a successful application in medicine, being able to make it in medicine does not mean that one SHOULD make it in medicine.</p>