Is moving out of state worth it?

I was planning on transferring in the fall but it has now move to the spring. I have been through a lot recently…lots of deaths & health problems and I eventually became extremely stressed and almost gave up completely on life. I am trying to transfer to engineering school but…I am also really nervous. I currently live here in Austin, Texas and my dream school has always been UT Austin. I am applying in the Spring since engineering is fall only. However, I’ll be very sad if I cannot get in. My backup schools are Baylor & UTSA. I qualify for automatic admission to UTD and UofH but I would never live in Houston. I also want to apply to Liberty University (on campus), ASU (online), University of Arizona (online), University of Arkansas, University of Alabama, University of Wyoming, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, Wheaton College, and Grove City College. My only problem is that…I don’t want to move out of town. I am a non-traditional student. I am 25 and have my own condo. Also, I have all of my friends here along with bible study and meetups I run. I basically have my life established in Austin. I don’t know if I could attend school not within commuting distance. However, part of me wants to “explore” and also if I get good financial aid that would be another reason. I am not a big fan of the out of state tuition. Anyways, Is it worth moving out state or city for school? What was your experience? Do you regret it? Pros and Cons? Would you do it all over again? What should I know/prepare for if I do choose this? Thank you!

If you relocate to another state, and want instate tuition status at one of their public universities, you likely will have to establish residency before you enroll in college. This could mean you would have to live there for at least a year prior to enrolling in college…OOS costs tend to be a lot higher.