Is Mu Alpha Theta impressive to colleges

I heard a lot of times that NHS is not really that impressive to college admissions because its something that so many people do. But since Mu Alpha Theta is kinda unique and I don’t think many schools have it, will it make a person stand out, especially if they started a chapter?

Currently, there are more than 2,633 schools with local chapters that have a combined total of 124,000 student members.

Activities like NHS and Mu Alpha Theta do have a lot of members/chapters. However, having a leadership position or founding a chapter can slightly differentiate you from others. It’s just a part of your activities though, and it wouldn’t be super impressive to very competitive schools alone. However, it could compliment or add strength to your overall profile.

It’s like most other honor “clubs.” D20 didn’t want to do NHS (little personal meaning for her), but she did want to join Mu Alpha Theta because she truly loves math. She tutored every morning before school. She didn’t need it as an EC for her apps; she was just passionate about math and wanted to share it with other students. Find YOUR passion, and it will show in your apps.

Yeah I am actually very passionate about math and I want to start a Mu Alpha Theta chapter at my school because I feel my school needs to be a little more diverse and have more opportunities. But even if they look for passion, I always hear that they care about what kind of EC it is and if its that impressive.