Is my app competitve next year ED.

<p>They're informal too.</p>

<p>Wow. Typing fail.</p>

<p>They're informal. Swear I meant that. Although they are informative too.</p>

<p>haha nice.</p>

<p>guys 3 things real quick:</p>

<p>1) My school's 1st semester grading period ends late January (but 1st quarter ends in late October/early December), and I really want to continue showing my grade improvement mainly bc I am signed up for 6 AP's next year and if I get good grades, i think they will make a good impression. so i was wondering if, washington would even consider my senior year grades w/ my new 1st quarter grades added??
2) I cannot take the SAT until November due to personal reasons(getting a major surgery), so I was wondering if I apply ED but mention that I will have taken my SAT by November, will this have been valid or does washington not consider my SAT scores then??
3) How do you think my Senior year schedule is (as in if I get all A's, would this greatly impact my chances b/c they r tough classes): AP Lit, AP Comparative, AP Bio, AP Physics C, Human Anatomy, AP Calc AB, AP Enviromental</p>

<p>First of all, I hope you are taking on these classes (4 sciences?) because you want to study these subjects, not because you're just trying to impress a college. Remember, those AP tests aren't until May, so you could be looking at a very long spring.</p>

<p>Next, why can't you take the SATs earlier. I understand the surgery issue, but why not take them in Oct or June? Why are you waiting so late? (My son took SAT I in March and SAT II in May).</p>

<p>I'm sure WashU would consider grades, just not sure which semester they'd see. "I really want to continue showing my grade improvement"... so continue doing well. What they do in admissions should have no effect what you're doing.</p>

<p>Remember, there's no guarantee you'll get in anywhere, so be selfish and do things for yourself. Study. Improve your grades. Take a challenging subject. But do this for yourself, not for what you "think" a college is looking for.</p>