Is my app competitve next year ED.

<p>I am rising senior from Virginia (NOVA):</p>

<p>projected UW: 3.57
projected W: 4.0-4.1
* note about GPA: my grades have had a significant upward trend: W GPA's- 9th: 3.8 10th: 4.2 (w/ 2 ap's) 11th: 4.47 (with 4 ap's)</p>

<h1>of Ap's: 6 (signed up for 5 more senior year), this is one of the more challenging courses</h1>

<p>Grades is APs: AP World-A, AP Comp Sci- B+, AP US-A, AP Lang-A, AP Chem-B, Stat-A
SAT: 2020 super scored (670 CR, 720 M)
SAT US History: 780
SAT Math Level 2: 770
SAT Biology: 780
Significant EC's + Awards:
Founder and President of the History Honor Society
Member of NHS, Math Honor Society, and Science Honor Society
3rd Place Regional Science Fair
Internship with NASA (VASTS program)
2 month research in India in biotechnology (i will conduct my studies this summer and will apply for siemens)
Lots of hours community service at hospital</p>

<p>guys sooo do you think I would be competitive next year for ED?</p>

<p>On the low end of UW GPA + SAT but you have a chance.</p>

<p>It's definitely not a shoe-in but certainly possible.</p>

<p>Be sure to visit and while there, interview. </p>

<p>Why are you taking so many APs? There's no requirement to take 11 APs, and actually seem to limit your transcript. (This is because AP courses are very structured survey courses that don't allow for any creativity or depth or investigative learning.) 5-7 is ideal and 11 might be overkill.</p>

<p>Are you looking for FA? WUSTL is need-aware.</p>

<p>Can you show that you are a well-rounded person? They're looking for students who can benefit the WUSTL community.</p>

<p>And finally, can you retake the SAT? Your SAT IIs are excellent, but you'll stand a better shot if the CR score is over 700.</p>

<p>Thanks guys. Btw what does need aware mean?? Does this mean if i dont need financial aid, i have better chances??</p>

<p>And just as an idicator, what SAT do u guys think i should get to better help my chances?? Or even the act? I took that once w/o any prep and got a 28.</p>

<p>It means that need is a consideration for selecting applicants. I was told it's only if you're borderline or in the last percentage of applications they review, but that's probably B.S. A 32/33+ ACT or 2250+ SAT would certainly help you out.</p>

<p>Another tangent question: do u think the admission board would look at senior year grades and factor them into the decesion?? Soooo say i got all As, wouldnt this just continue to further my gpa trend and wouldnt thia loook good?? Or am i reading too much into things?</p>

<p>Senior grades definitely matter. Work hard! I'm pretty sure that's what saved me during the admissions round this year.</p>

<p>taking 11 APs is fine, I took 11 too. I'm from NOVA too btw. if your school is anything like mine then the regular classes are complete jokes and the only thing left to do is to take APs.</p>

<p>@jchartier. did you apply early too?</p>

<p>Yeah, I wasn't thinking of what your alternatives might be if you don't take AP classes. Our HS offers fantastic elective courses and Honor courses as alternatives to APs, so even the really super smart kids choose those.</p>

<p>And Eagles: study for the SATs/ACT. You put yourself at a disadvantage if you don't. No one asks "did you study?" when you report a score. It is what is it, so always do the best you can and if that means prepping for the test, then why not? As for scores, try to exceed 700 in each area, and head to 2250 if you can. But again, do your best and that's all you can do. "Not prepping" though is not necessarily your best effort. Compare your SAT I scores to what you got in the SAT IIs, where no doubt you prepped! Maybe the ACT is a better test for you?</p>

<p>all I can say is visit/interview.</p>

<p>btw guys i was wondering what you mean visiting?? i mean i obviously know what it means, but I don't understand how visiting can improve my chances. does this show interest or something? and how do I get an interview?</p>

<p>visiting and interview shows that you are interested and does help in the admissions process for certain schools. WashU is one of them. poke around their website to get an interview. it's most likely too early though.</p>

<p>i applied RD to washu and didn't visit or interview. i ended up getting waitlisted.</p>

<p>but how do the colleges know if you have visited? is there something I have to do to notify them I have visited?</p>

<p>My son went to their Discovery Weekend in September. While he was there, he had an interview with an admissions rep. and of all my son's interviews, it was by far the one where he felt the interviewer actually wanted to get to know him. (So many just wanted to check off that he interviewed; WashU was one where they got to know him.)</p>

<p>I only learned about that weekend through CC, and so glad I did. St Louis is definitely not on our regular campus tour here, because you'd have to take a plane to get there. I knew he'd love the school once he visited, and so glad he made the trip. I guess that's the point. You have to make the effort to go, especially from the NE, but you'll discover how wonderful the university is once you do.</p>

<p>I know they track visitors, but I'd recommend you visit on one of their special weekends. Stay in a dorm with a host, enjoy the activities, the dorm life, the food, and take in an interview. If you go out of your way to make the trip, you'll discover a treasure.</p>

<p>@ Eagles:</p>

<p>signing up for an info session/campus tour gets you in their system and it's added to your file. That's how they keep track of who visits.</p>

<p>Yeah, visit/interview and hope for the best. Your application is definitely stronger than mine was. Just try not to appear too hellbent on your grades, Wash U is all about a friendly and accessible student population.</p>

<p>is the interview informal?</p>

<p>Eagles- yes, they're very informative. Most of the interviewers are actually students.</p>