Is my college list feasible... Over my head?

<p>Well I'm applying for some pretty prestigious universities / colleges:
Brown U
Boston U
Tufts U
American U
Georgetown U
George Washington U
Johns Hopkins U
St. Johns U
Columbia U &
Howard U</p>

<p>But I was disappointed with my SAT score: 1860. CR:630 M:620 W:610
I didn't study AT ALL so I didn't do amazing.
I also have just an OK GPA.
3.551 unweighted
4.351 weighted
I also have ok AP scores:
US History: 4 Lit. & Comp.:4 Calculus: 3
No 5's :( probably should have studied for those too... -_-</p>

<p>I am going to take the SAT subject tests on January too and I don't know weather I should take 2 or 3...</p>

<p>What would you recommend? Do you think i'll be accepted into the colleges I want to go to?</p>

<p>Solely based on numbers and statistics you’ve given, you really only have much of a chance at BU, American, GW, Howard, St. John’s. An 1860 and a 3.5 isn’t going to cut it at the ivies.</p>

<p>@askjeeves I actually disagree a bit. If he takes the US History subject test and gets at least a 700 (along with two others that are required) he has ano OK app to Georgetwn as well with the one’s you listed. And if you good EC’s, you have a very uphill, but climbable, battle for Tufts.</p>

<p>But sorry no Ivies :(. If you do well in freshman year of college, you may be able to transfer into one of them though.</p>

<p>You need SAFETIES!</p>

<p>Unless you have some amazing EC’s (ex: curing cancer in lettuce leaves, playing piano at Carnegie Hall…ext) or you are an URM, you should probably rethink applying to the Ivies. I’d suggest looking at some small liberal arts colleges that are still great school but don’t require the insane SAT’s. Here are some schools you could check out. </p>

<p>-Kenyon College
-Lewis & Clark College
-Colorado College
-Centre College
-Goucher College
-Whitman College
-St. John’s College
-Gettysburg College
-Wittenberg College
-The College of Wooster
-Hampshire College
-Grinnell College
-Evergreen State College</p>

<p>I would check out a college guide book (Fiske and Princeton Review are my faves) and check out some of these college or ones like it.
If you’re looking for a bigger school I would check out.</p>

<p>-Tulane University
-Boston College
-Clemson University
-College of Charleston
-Depaul University
-Sonoma State University</p>

<p>I could alter this list depending on your major too.</p>

<p>First off, let me say that I am neither a strong proponent nor opponent of affirmative action. With that said, I’m going to assume that since Howard is on your list, you’re African-American, which will help you in (but not guarantee you) admission. If you’re a senior and don’t have time to retake SATs, then don’t worry about it. However, your chances at Brown, Georgetown, Columbia, and JHU are slim to none unless you’ve got incredible ECs/essays/recommendations. Of the other 6 schools on your list, I would say you’re likely to get into 4 or 5. This is, of course, all pretty objective.</p>

<p>The fact that you’re from Nevada will help a bit too.</p>