Is my counselor an Idiot?

<p>I went up to her once to ask about self-study for AP, and asked if I can sign up through her, and she said she didn't even know you could do that. Other times, I have friends whom go to her to ask about some colleges they check out. Typically they have 3.5-3.8 GPAs, with 27 average on the ACT and they want to major in something related to computers. I know thats nothing awsome, but she tells them they should go to a local tech school. </p>

<p>The reason I say all this is cause im wondering if you guys think I should get a private ccounselor?</p>

<p>All you need your counselor to do is write you a recommendation, fill out the school report, and mail your transcript. As for the APs, just tell her you want to sign up for it. If she says you need to take the course, tell her there's no requirement for that.</p>

<p>This site is your private counselor.</p>

<p>It does sound like she is not very helpful. And to refer kids with those stats to tech school instead of 4 year university is really poor. Do you have the resources for a private counselor? Then it might be helpful if you don't know where to apply and what your chances are. Otherwise it sounds like a do-it-yourself project.</p>

<p>Hm... well at least she didn't forget to mail out 20 transcripts last year. You complain, but honestly, count yourself lucky that she actually tries.</p>

<p>I'm not sure if this is not allowed but it seems fishy... my counselor will somewhat forge your scores on your transcripts. For example, I am only submitting my ACTs and she asked me if I wanted her to remove the SAT scores on it and leave only the one highest ACT score. I was like- whatever! People say that she'll cover classes which you didn't do well in as well, but I have no experience with this. </p>

<p>BUT, my counselor has no clue about schools, all she does is fill out the transcripts and give them to you whe sealed... no mailing or anything.</p>

<p>anovice, that sounds like it's not exactly proper protocol</p>

<p>If your parents can afford a private counselor, by all means get one. A typical public school counselor can not be counted on to help you in ways a private, highly qualified counselor can. Private counselors made a big difference for my kids who went to a top private school with good, but still over-worked counselors.</p>

<p>my high school included no scores on the transcript. I think it's ok to only include the standardized test scores that you want to submit. However, your transcript is supposed to show all of the courses that you've taken in high school, so covering that seems wrong, and unethical.</p>

<p>Quote: This site is your private counselor.</p>

<p>Love to think of this site that way.</p>

<p>Yes. Based upon the limited data you have given us, and assuming this information is both reliable AND the counselor's S.O.P.,then-Yes. The counselor is , in fact, an idiot and a dangerous one to boot. Do it all yourself. Set all the deadlines up on a spread sheet for the GC. Prepare the mailing labels. Check, then verify, then check again. As to a private counselor , I have no opinion. If D had her heart set on "Ivy" , probably so. Since she doesn't -this site ,and the internet sites of the colleges and testing companies do just fine for me.</p>

<p>It's OK to omit standardized test scores on your transcript. Colleges accept only official scores from the testing agencies anyway.</p>

<p>Private counselors seem like a bit much. They're really expensive and don't do that much. </p>

<p>My college counselor told us that she likes to sniff markers...not the scented ones either...the toxic ones...yeaa</p>

<p>I agree...private counselors are a waste of money and if you are a good candidate you won't need one to get into the colleges that you want.</p>

<p>A good counselor can push a good candidate in the door. Keep in mind, most good candidates are rejected from top schools.</p>

<p>Nobody from my prep school last year used a private counselor...and we had very good representation in the Ivies/Top 25.</p>

<p>That's because prep schools hire good college counselors and there's a lower ratio of counselor to students. My school has 50 people per counselor and both of the counselors used to work on the columbia adcom.</p>

<p>I'd say the counselor at my has about 120 students. But that doesn't mean anything, cause 95% of the kids aren't even aware of a counselor.</p>

<p>I'm sure one can get into good top schools without paying thousands of dollars for a private counselor. My counselor is in charge of close to 500 kids, in fact, I just received (beginning of senior year) my THIRD counselor since high school began. Needless to say, I haven't been counseled properly. But when it comes down to it, I'm fine, and I know I'll do well in the process. I have a disdain for private prep schools and all the advantages offered to the rich who care just a LITTLE too much about their ivy league schools. I dunno, this whole system just flushes the college application process down the toilet -- not that everythning else doesn't...</p>

<p>My counselour has atleast 600 students! So Paying college board money is the only way for colleges to get scores? Is that true?</p>

<p>You think you have it bad. Our school has 1 counseler for 668 seniors, sooo i can only apply to 6 private schools. Feel sorry for me!</p>