Is my current employment situation a good problem to have?

Background: I’m currently a college senior who’s completing an online internship this semester. I’ll be able to graduate after I’m done with it.

My Current Employment Situation: I worked for a grocery store part time during high school. I also worked in the dining hall while I attended college. Then, during a summer break, I worked two jobs: The grocery store and a restaurant where my younger brother worked at because they were shorthanded at the time. The restaurant didn’t need me anymore when I returned to college after summer break.

This past summer, my original internship was delayed due to Covid, so I started working at Chipotle because the grocery store wouldn’t give me consistent hours. However, the grocery store kept me in the system so that I wouldn’t lose my seniority. Furthermore, I took a break from college during this time and retook a class online during the fall semester of last year.

During the holiday season, the grocery store called me and asked if I can fill in a day or two on my off days from Chipotle, and I did. Then, I only worked for Chipotle after the holidays. However, I received a call from my brother’s restaurant a few weeks ago and they asked if I can fill in a day or two? Why not?

TLDR: I’m currently “in the system” at 3 separate job locations.

Is this a good problem to have? I also made the decision to look for a better paying job after I graduate, depending on Covid.

It doesn’t sound like a bad problem to have. Sounds like you are a good worker and several places have desired to possibly use you in the future. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have options.