Is my freshman schedule hard enough?

<p>I'm aiming for a good college, as I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I actually want to attend university in England, but I would be happy with a UC or another good US college. Maybe not HYP, but still impressive.</p>

<p>My freshman schedule is:</p>

<p>9th Grade English Honors (highest class available)
Geometry Honors (highest class available)
Biology (only science offered to freshman)
<em>no history offered</em>
Spanish 2nd Year Honors
Chinese 1st Year
Marching Band</p>

<p>Is this competitive enough for a freshman?</p>

<p>I plan on taking 5 APs as classes and self-studying some others. Any opinions, thoughts?</p>

<p>looks pretty good. just be sure to stick with those languages. also, use freshman year as a time to try out all of the new things that high school has to offer! check out every club you're interested in (as a freshman you have wiggle room and don't have to commit, you'll get to meet new students, etc.)</p>

<p>everyone's different -- some people like to plan things out, others like to take things as they come. personally, i would take a look at 10th, 11th and maybe even 12th grade classes that you have even the vaguest interest in and check out any requirements those classes may have. i planned efficiently as a freshman and was able to fit in all the classes that i was interested in (and not many of my classmates can say the same). but being flexible and trying out new things is a good idea too.. so just find a balance between those two things and you'll be set :)</p>