Is my GPA gonna hold me down?

So Im a sophmore this year and for the first time Im gonna to get more Bs( mainly B pluses) then As as a semester grade.
My current UW GPA is 3.55 and my unweighted is 4.33. Im really nervous that my GPA is goinf to go down,and I was wondering if it would affect my chances of getting into my dream schools.
Schools include: UVA, Georgetown, Vanderblit, UF, and UPENN.
Please help

Yes. For all the schools listed, 90%+ of accepted, enrolled applicants have a 3.75+.

While these colleges are not impossible for you, you really need to look for matches and safeties that would be affordable.

The schools you mention are incredibly difficult to get into even for kids with perfect grades and test scores. They are reaches. Junior year is the time to get realistic about your college choices. You need to start developing a good list that includes real safety schools. Don’t let these be “throwaway” schools you don’t care about. The best gift you can give yourself is one or more safety schools you would be happy to attend, can almost certainly get into and can afford. Work on finding those first. Once you have a couple of them, than think about other schools. By the way, you don’t NEED matches and reach schools. You only NEED safety schools. If, after you find your safeties, you find schools you really love more that are matches and/or reaches thats fine. But remember, there are many, many students who end up with only acceptances to their safety schools so don’t neglect that part of the search.

But realize there are many awesome colleges that will take you with your GPA.

But if you maily gets As and you suddenly get aBs for a semsester how much would it drop your gpa

Your GPA is good for many many fine colleges, but may not be enough for many of your “dream schools.” Colleges do have holistic review of applications (so things like ECs, essays, recommendations etc. will also be considered) but academics are very important. See what happens next year in terms of your grades.

As a bit of unsolicited advice, I’d recommend that you give up the idea of having a few dream schools and work to create a solid college list that includes reach, match, and safety schools that appear affordable (find out your parents’ budget and run the net price calculator for each school) and that you would be excited to attend. The people I see who get hurt by the college admission process are the ones who focus on a small group of very competitive colleges and then don’t get in. Expand your horizons and recognize that there are many wonderful schools out there where you can have a great 4 year experience and get where you want to go in life.