is my gpa okay?

I’m kind of worried because my uw is okay but my w seems off…

W: 4.07
UW: 3.8
Rank: 76/503 (top 15%)

3.8 UW is OK, even good. depends on where you want to go and what kind of classes you took, what yr in HS are you now? Most flagship state U will consider UW GPA 3.8. It is even better if you have 4-8 APs and handful of honors classes. If you are rising sophomore, start taking APs can boost the w GPA. However, most school look at UW GPA plus rigor of courses.

I think you are fine because your weighted gpa is within the top 15% of your grade. Weighted gpa is based in the context of your school, so its ok if your wgpa seems lowers than people from other schools.