Is my Junior Course load Rigorous enough?

Due to a ton of issues caused by Covid-19, my classes have completely changed from my original plans last year. I’ve had to switch out multiple classes to make my schedule work, but I was luckily able to keep all my AP classes I had planned. I was wondering if my course load looked “rigorous enough”.

AP U.S. History
AP Chemisty
Pre-AP Pre-Calculus
AP Language and Composition
Concert Band
Alegebra with Finance
Marching band(After school)

I plan on going to a good state school, or any good school in my area(Alabama/South East), wherever I can get the best scholarship and education. I currently have a 3.64 GPA, and I’ve done 2 years of spanish. I would like to Major in nursing, or become a PA.

There are a lot of variables to consider, but from the data provided, it seems like it is to me.