Is my reason for transferring plausible?

<p>I just finished my freshman year at Seattle University, a small Jesuit university in Washington. So far, I have made a lot of friends and am close with all of them. I also have become close with a few professors and other faculty members. A majority of my classes, primarily taken for the core requirement, have been enjoyable with great professors. Obviously, there have been a few classes with terrible professors and what I consider a bad curriculum. However, I am interested in transferring because SU doesn't have a strong Political Science program or prestigious reputation, something I find crucial for a brighter future. I am looking to attend community college this year and then transfer out from their. The California Community College program has transfer agreement guarantees with the UC system and I would be submitting a tag with UC Davis (this would be a guaranteed acceptance with my current GPA). I am also looking into some other UCs and private schools in CA, as well as George Washington University. What do people think about my decision? Is a stronger Political Science program and better reputation worth it in terms of internships, job opportunities, and grad school? Has anyone had the same experience - I would appreciate some insights/advice? Is it hard to make friends and acclimate to a new campus as a transfer since many of the students are already integrated within the campus? Thank you.</p>