Is my resume good enough to get into Thacher and/or Andover?

So currently I (8th grade) am applying to a few High Schools (majority boarding), my two top choices are Thacher and Andover. I am a little nervous as I tend to over contemplate and am simply wondering if my resume is good enough to get into these schools.


My brother currently goes to Thacher, my aunt works there, my cousin and other aunt are both alumni and my mom volunteers there.
For Andover, my grandfather’s sister and her three daughters all graduated from Andover.

My current grades are:

History: A+
Comparative Religions: A
English: A+
Math: A+
Science: A+
Spanish: A+
I.P.E.: A+

I am taking 9th-grade American History, Honors English, Geometry (Both am going to take Algebra 2/Triginometry over the summer, so I can start High School with Pre-Cal), Physical Science, Honors Spanish, and Religion.

Test Scores:

So my Math and Reading scores are very high at 96 & 99 percentile. My Verbal is much less so, with only a 75th percentile. I have been studying SAT vocabulary (with my brother who is currently taking the SAT) and have astronomically improved my vocabulary.


Luckily, two of the classes I am academically successful in are English and Math (both coming naturally to me). Those are the two teachers required to write me a recommendation. This is fortunate for me as they both recommend challenges for me in their classes including Extra Credit. I am a fast worker and usually finish projects exceptionally quickly, so I rarely have homework, my teachers in both classes go out of their way to provide me with more demanding material. I would say that they both like me as a student and I am generally respectful (except for occasionally jokingly calling my English Teacher a boomer, and having too much coffee before class). In addition, my teachers are never hesitant to point out that I am a role-model student and encourage my peers to ask me for assistance if my teacher is busy. Currently, in English, I am writing a piece on Socialism vs Communism and the effects on society, basically why both, but mainly Communism has failed and is responsible for millions of deaths. I just finished a paper called “The injustices of the Electoral College”, I am very proud because my teacher wrote in my essay, “Simply incredible and flawless.”
Furthermore, my principal must write me a recommendation, she generally likes me as I volunteered to be a Tour Guide for incoming families and started the Environmental Action Committee or EAC.
My personal recommendations are from the former Dean of Students, who I have known for many years and the head of a charity I volunteer for.


My main sport is Track, I have times good enough to get into the Junior Olympics, but last year could not participate due to a major back injury. I run the 800m, 400m, 200m, 100m, long jump, triple jump, and throw the javelin.

My second sport is Soccer, I have played soccer since I was a kindergartener and am currently my school team’s rock at Center Mid. I have been selected for All-Stars Teams to compete for my county, and was accepted on a Club Team, but decided I would rather run track.

My final sport is Cross Country, every morning I get up at 6 AM and run 5-7 miles. I also go on hikes regularly with my family.

Arts & Music:

I am very artistic and have had several paintings/drawings hung in local businesses. I am currently teaching myself to play the ukulele and have already learned a few Beatles songs. I also am an intermediate chef, and I do say so myself can whip up a pretty delicious pastry.

Clubs, Activites, and Community Service:

I recently founded my School’s Environmental Action Committee, participated in the first-ever school newspaper, ran the first-ever Earth Day, and was Runner-Up in a Public Speech Competition.

Community Service:

I volunteer for Teen Court: A court where kids who have committed minor offenses will go instead of Juvie. I have also volunteered for the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, and have even designed a Board Game for patients. Through School, my class raised over 10,000 for Homeless People needing food and clothing. Finally, I am a Spirit Ambassador for my school, meaning I am a tour guide and get Community Service hours from that.

Two years ago, my home got destroyed in a mudslide, and I lost the life of one of my closest friends. This dreadful time in my life. Eventually, I have almost fully recovered from the emotional toll this has taken on myself and am soon moving back into my home.

I took a semester abroad in Paris. I grew an appreciation for art, especially abstract painting, which I now focus most of my drawing skills on, and am influenced by artists like Pablo Picasso and Georgia O’Keeffe. Furthermore, I learned how to cook and bake. I do not speak much French, but I do speak good Spanish and some Swedish.

I am a duel-citizen in Sweden and America, my father was born and raised in Sweden.

I used to struggle with Spanish so I took an internship at a Company in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I got to speak Spanish in the workplace. I was able to overcome my challenge in Spanish as it was the hardest subject for me, now my Spanish is much better.

I used to have a speech impediment in the form of a strong lisp but went through many years of grueling speech therapy. I eventually got rid of it to my great relief, but am still afraid of Public Speaking, I am very proud that I won Runner-Up in my school’s Persuasive Speech Competition because when I get nervous, my lisp can return.

Sorry, that was much longer than I anticipated. I am hoping that I do not come off in any way or form, conceded or self-absorbed. I wish you the best day and would love to hear feedback to see if I may have a chance of getting into either school. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!!

is shook
I think you’d have a really strong chance, but with these schools ya never know
when you talked about studying vocab, it sounded like you’re retaking the SSAT? or are you just studying more vocab? either way, IMO you have a great chance.

looks back at own app It seems kinda very inadequate now

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I agree with @Ido_notknow

Honestly, great application and you seem like an avid student with a lot of self-motivation. Also, your resilience and courage is astounding. I admire you!

Good luck with your interviews if you have not done them yet, but I suspect you won’t need luck, haha.

Any school would be very lucky to have you.

You’ll probably get into both. The tougher question is: How will you decide where to enroll?

These two schools are VERY different. Thacher is a small school with a very tightly knit community that lives by “Honor, Fairness, Kindness, and Truth.” The school day is highly structured and all students participate in the horse and outdoor programs. In contrast, Andover is much, much larger and feels more like a small college. Kids seem to have more freedom. There are also more day students and opportunities to go off campus for parties, etc. Where do you think you are most likely to thrive?

FWIW: Thacher’s cross country team is excellent (last year several runners were recruited to top colleges). Williams College also recently announced that the superstar soccer coach that led their womens’ team to multiple championships will be going to Thacher next year as athletic director. So there’s that.

Good luck!

^^I agree, I have a hard time imagining a kid liking both schools.

Have you visited both? I’m pretty sure one hour into being on campus, it will be crystal clear which is the better fit.

You are from a boarding school family so I am guessing you know enough about the schools to understand the difference. Do you want to stay close to home and your family or find your own path across the country? I also think it is fairly likely you’ll have both options, and probably several others too (particularly if you are FP). I am a mom so I’d advise the stay close to home option but you and your parents may feel differently. Good luck!

Andover seems just as academically rigorous as Thacher, but much more relaxed in other ways. It feels more like a college. There’s probably more partying at Andover. It is easier to go into town. There are no formal dinner requirements.

Thacher is not for the faint at heart. As you know from your brother, kids do hard physical labor in taking care of their horses. It teaches them character and really bonds the class to each other, but it is also hard work. The entire school takes off on week-long camping trips twice a year. These are mandatory. And then there are the FOUR weekly, formal dinners with assigned seats. These dinners help knit the community together because you get to know teachers and students with whom you might not otherwise interact. But you know all of this because you’ve probably already spent time on campus and gotten a feel for the community :wink:

Can’t wait to hear what you think of your revisits in March …

Yes, Thacher is an amazing school! I have been in love with it ever since I was five, watching my cousin on her horse participate in the Gymkhana. It is my dream school, and I could not imagine a better place for me to thrive in High School.

Hi @LilaL1024 I’m wondering if you got into Thacher?? Your stats are amazing!

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The OP asked over a year ago, so I doubt additional feedback is needed. Closing thread. If OP reappears and wants to give an update, they can PM me to reopen.

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