Is my SAT2 scores so horrible?

<p>I took SAT2 tests in June nd got my results days ago but the scores really let me down...
German 630,World History 650,Mathe2 really sucks....
And jus wanna do I need to retake the tests once again?(since i'm gonna retake SAT1 in Oct,nd wanna apply through the NYUAD's ED,haven't got much time ye....)nd what's more I think that my scores doesn't look that satisfactory or...'decent'. :-(</p>

<p>I think you should really retake them. </p>

<p>Are you a native speaker of German? If so, that score is quite low.</p>

<p>Try aiming for a score above 700, 750 and above if possible. Get a prep book or two to help you with that World History score and you should do great.</p>

<p>Math is fine, and the others are ok, too. you very well might want to retake the other 2, but not doing so wouldn't kill your app</p>

<p>thank u guys a lot. I am not a native speaker of German and actually I have just learnt German for a year(since i am an exchange student).
Actually i got Barron's AP WH for prep book but still got that s***t score.
And if everything goes well...I think that I would still try to take the three tests in nov.
hope that the colleges would look at my nov.scores.</p>

<p>your scores are fine for NYU, Math 2 is fine in general, but the other 2 are not fine for top 20, bring WH and german up to 700+ or retake one or two more tests that are relevant to your future interests in college etc. etc.</p>

<p>....I think my focus is on TOP30-50 LACs...have neva thought of applying to top 20 univs..
my FC can really be my biggest obstacle. So jus concentrate on NYU ABU DHABI's ED.
But....NYUAD's admission is really competitive and selective so....jus so worried abt it.</p>

<p>No, your scores are great! You should worry only if you are getting into an IV League college, but for everything else you are just fine! Especially if you have one score that is above 700 then that is fine, because as much as I know NYU requires only one subject test and their options for the actual SAT's are like just be above 600 and you're good. go on this site and check NYU's requirements for scores and everything!
College</a> Search - New York University - NYU - SAT®, AP®, CLEP®</p>

<p>If you are retaking the WH one, then for studying I'd advise you to not use a specific test prep book but instead get a good world history textbook and just read it. I read my AP textbook (about 1600 pages) for an hour or so a night for a month before the test and ended up getting an 800. It works!</p>

<p>Hallo guys...I m not gonna apply to NYU but NYU Abu Dhabi....and personally...i do not consider the qualification of being admitted to NYU is that high but NYUAD...the pool is really really selective.... a matter of fact,i'm not us citizen so as u guys can imagine,the pool of international students would be jus like purgatory...nd the majority of them...the SAT subject score...i mean the summ is usually 2300+(3 tests)...</p>

<p>And @ Tomwolfe
thanks very much for your advice!
I had jus a month preparing for the WH test nd it was quite difficult to get a prep book or a real history which is written in english.So i jus asked my parents to mail the Barron ap prep book to me....sigh......and then the tragedy jus happened.think i would get myself an ap textbook later...
but jus discovered that no matter how bad the score is, through this process of test preparation....i have really learnt much... :-)</p>

<p>Well if you're interested in retaking, I used the Traditions and Encounter textbook. Traditions</a> and Encounters</p>

<p>It can be pretty dense, but every chapter begins with a pretty interesting historical account and there are lots of primary sources and such that keep make it bearable to read through a straight history textbook.</p>

<p>i find the chapters of traditions and encounters really well arranged....and thanks again for your reply!</p>