Is my schedule fine?

<p>I have English 125 in 4199AH at 8AM to 9AM
but MATH 215 at 296DENN at 9AM to 10AM
am i able to do that ?
how far between two building ??? and if im going to math alittle bit of late will there be no place for me to sit????? PLZZZ HELLPPPPPP ToT
and btw how are my professors
English: Hilsabeck, Burke
Chem: Bartlett,Bart
Math: Esedoglu,Selim
Econ:Malone,Paula A</p>


<p>how far? about a 3-4 minute walk. You’ll be fine. Even better with a bike. Plus, classes here start 10 after the hour so you have a 10 minute walking period.</p>

<p>with the exception that you have an 8 am class, i’d say this is fine.</p>

<p>OKOK thank youuuu cause some people told me ill get there just on time … and for math… theres gona be alota pple ill be no seat or sitting in way back and hard to concentrate…</p>

<p>Doubtfully a 3-4 minute walk considering you have to walk down 4 sets of stairs in angel hall and walk across the diag to enter dennison. You will probably just get there with a minute or two to spare, which really isn’t that big of a problem.</p>

<p>It’s fine, your classes start 10 minutes late so you’ll get there on time. It will take like 7 minutes. Your real mistake was taking 8 and 9am classes. You probably won’t get to english on time.</p>

<p>Agree with maizeandblue21. 4 flights of Angell Hall at 8 am could be a problem.</p>

<p>^That’s why there’s an elevator</p>