Is my schedule too challenging?

Hi, I’m an upcoming freshman and I’m a bit worried about my schedule after seeing that most students find 5+ classes a semester daunting. So, here’s my schedule:

BSC 120
CHM 211
CHM 217 (this is the lab that accompanies CHM 211)
MUS 142 (a sort of appreciation class for non music majors)
ANT 201H
UNI 100 (not even a real class, just an intro to college to meet people)
These total 16 credit hours.

I have AP Bio credit that applies for BSC 120, but I chose not to use it because I was scared to jump right into higher level biology. Also, I took a year of AP Chemistry in high school, but didn’t pass the exam. I did well in the class, though, and I gained a lot of knowledge and experience.

It’s a little bit challenging but it’s manageable.
You can try those classes in couple weeks. After the first test, if you don’t do well then drop the worst class.

About your Chem class: You should take this class as if you don’t know anything about chemistry yet. College classes are different than HS classes. Don’t let what you think you know in HS interfere with the class. It may do more harm than good.

I don’t think it’s that unreasonable at all. 16 credit hours is a standard amount to take for many students–not too much, but enough that you have room to drop a class if you need to and still be a full time student at most schools–and it’s a good amount to keep you on track for graduating on time.

You clearly understand general biology well enough to get credit for it, so you should be well-prepared for BSC 120 and are in a good place to get adjusted to college-level work since you are already familiar with the material. Even though you didn’t pass the AP Chemistry test, having already seen the material will give you a good foundation. You may find much of the material in these classes familiar and it’s much easier to re-learn material for the second time. There are also many resources available if you ever need help. The chem lab shouldn’t be unreasonable since it’s designed to be taken concurrently with the chem class.

The music class shouldn’t be too bad since it’s designed for non-music majors and UNI 100 shouldn’t be a problem at all. I’m assuming ANT 201H is an anthropology class? That shouldn’t be too bad–perhaps a lot of reading and writing, but it doesn’t look like you have a lot of other heavy reading/writing classes so it should be fine.

I wouldn’t worry about your schedule at all. It looks absolutely fine. Of course, don’t underestimate it, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all. Just make sure you keep up with the work and ask for help early and often if you ever struggle. Take note of the drop deadline to see how long you have to decide if it’s too much work.

Thanks so much for the feedback; it is very helpful!!