Is my SOP for master's in electrical engineering good enough?


This is my statement of purpose for applying to the master’s of electrical engineering. I would like to know if it’s good enough ? what should I change ? any tips ?

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My statement of purpose for studying the master’s program in Electrical Engineering

Preparation for the field of study:

  • Occasional reading about various topics in electronics.
  • Solving work problems regarding electronic equipment.
  • I work in home mostly on improving my C programming skills.
  • Planning to explore more in C++, JavaScript, CSS and HTML programming languages.
  • I have done some Arduino projects in my department.

Motivation for graduate study:

  • Improve my intellectual levels in reading technical topics and also writing technical documents.
  • Improve my career level.
  • Discover new learning skills working with engineers and professors in the graduate study.
  • Improve my level in developing materials for electronics’ courses.
  • Get more empowered reputation as a private trainer in embedded systems and basics of electronics.

Future career plans:

  • Private time trainer.
  • More powerful work level.

Other relevant aspects of background and interests:

I did some troubleshooting for electronics devices. Things I fixed:

  • My 650W PSU by replacing 12V output MOSFETS.
  • My laptop’s screen MOSFET.

Interest in specific research:

I have an idea of building huge sea electricity generators, which work the same as the turbine mounted under the waterfalls, where water is falling and driving the turbines. So the idea is simulated in the sea with building huge tanks into the sea with mounted turbines inside the tank, and let the water fall from the top area and drive the turbines.

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