Is my Sophomore year schedule too strong or too weak? Should I take AP Enviro or Health Science Honors?

Hey everyone, I am currently selecting my Sophomore year classes, and I was wondering whether my planned schedule is rigorous enough. I would like to add that I am planning to attend a good college with a good pre-med program and I am also planning on (hopefully!) majoring in neuroscience.

What I signed up for:
AP World History
Pre-IB Spanish 2 (Semester 1)
Pre-IB Spanish 3 (Semester 2)
Pre-IB Chemistry
Pre-IB English 2
AP Psychology
Pre-Calculus Honors

Also wondering whether I should take AP Enviro or Health Science Foundations Honors?

Are any of these classes really easy or hard? Any advice is helpful. Thanks!!

It is a typical solid schedule for a student on the honors track. No, you do not need to triple up on history or double up on science.


I also think that it is plenty rigorous as it is, and that you do not need an additional class.

If you want to take another class, I personally recommend that you take something for yourself. Some class which you think will be fun and interesting. High school is a good time to explore different things, and if your high school has interesting classes, go on and explore.

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