Is my SSAT result enough to get me admitted to the schools of my interest?

I recently took the SSAT test and I got a 2217 scaled score and 86th percentile. I am applying to Phillips Exeter Academy, The Lawrenceville School, Groton school, St… Paul’s school, Loomis Chaffe, Choate Rosemary Hall and Milton academy. I have a strong application (school records and extracurricular) and I have done very well on interviews (esp Groton). Do I have a strong enough application to get into the schools of my interest?

Congratulations on your score, and your strong application! Those things are necessary for you to be seriously considered by the schools you’ve applied to. I think that is all anyone can really say – that the schools will seriously consider your application. No one can say if this is strong enough to get into the schools, though. Those schools have low acceptance rates, and they reject many kids with strong applications and strong SSAT scores. They also accept many kids with strong applications and scores. We cannot predict which group you will fall into.

Those schools sometimes accept students with your scores, and also sometimes do not. They are good. May I assume you get mostly A’s from a northeast public school and are applying into 9th grade?

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you beat me by 1 min! have a great day!

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I just sent you a PM , but it seems to have disappeared.

I am applying for eleventh grade

And Yes I get an A in every class except history last semester which I got my first B ever.

The SSAT is just one small portion of the application. There are kids who get 99% who are not accepted and kids with 65% accepted to the same schools. Why are the differences? geographic, economic, sports, essays and all the rest.
Many top schools can fill an entire class with 99% ers. But they have a couple of subgroups, athletes are one, top students are another, legacies another, kids from far away places ( unusual states and international students). But most kids fall into in multiple buckets.

No one can tell if you’ll be accepted. It will really depend on the totality of your application compared to other 11th grade applicants. Good luck.


Thanks for clarifying. 11th grade makes it somewhat harder for me to predict because of my lack of knowledge about entry years/number of spots in 11th for your list - but it is certainly not the easiest year to apply - 11th grade and COVID. I agree with @Happytimes2001 besides maybe that they could fill their whole class with 99% ers - but they certainly could fill their class with 86% ers. You sound solid though. Best of luck.

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ay did u get into any