Is my transcript really clean?

So I’m currently active duty and finally decided to tap into TA to go to a local university nearby my homestation. When I submitted my transcript from my other school that was out of state, the admissions advisor shredded it and said that I have a 4.0 GPA as of now and none of that ever happened. This got me really happy because I dropped out of college unexpectedly due to orders being dropped before the end of the semester and it was too late to withdraw leaving me with a F in every class. Is my GPA really a 4.0 (I’ve been maintaining my grades)??? I dont know if that’s a clause just for military that gives you a clean slate transcript or if the admissions advisor was just slacking… How would I submit my transcript(s) now for when I decide to transfer?

Every time you go to a new school you start with no GPA (you’re a new student at that school). If you ever try to transfer or apply to grad school they use all your grades from every school attended and average things together. Go talk to your old school’s admin and they’ll likely give you W’s b/c you were issued orders. I’ve never heard of a college shafting someone issued orders as you’re describing - simply reach out to them and it’ll likely get resolved in a positive manner.

TLDR - you don’t have a 4.0, you in fact have no gpa at the new school - go handle your F’s with the old school and explain why you had to leave past the drop deadline - no way they make you keep the F’s