Is New College of Florida good for physics, particularly grad school prep?

I’m wanted to go into theoretical astrophysics/cosmology in grad school, and I’m look for schools that will look very good to graduate admissions, and that will give me a great preparation. I really want to have a shot at top schools like ivy or oxbridge for mostly prestige reasons. New College seems to have exceptional results in sending students to top grad schools according to their website, which says they’re tied with Reed in 3rd place for feeder schools. Can anybody confirm this, or has an outlook on their physics department specifically? How do they compare to other physics feeder schools?
Also, I’m considering a post-bac job or research before grad school. How does the college do with placement in that arena?

This is an awfully late response to your post, but New College of Florida is a wonderful Institution. I am currently attending New, and have just completed my first year. About 80% of our students go on to graduate school. This graduating class we had total of 3 Fulbright Scholars out of a class of 200-250 students. Year after year, New College faculty and students garner top prizes and awards. Our student-centered academic mission consistently attracts high rankings from the most prestigious organizations.
However, I cannot properly discuss our physics program specifically, but New College is definitely a credible, well-known and respected institution. My academic advisor, Dr. Suzanne Sherman, stated that students within the natural science programs have little to no trouble with applying and being accepted into graduate programs after New, in regards to our lack of GPA (and grades in general).
Below is a link to our recent national rankings:

And a link to an interview with a NCF Student who was in the process of getting their AOC in physics and mathematics at the time, who just graduated this past weekend: